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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
The Kings, on their first real road trip of the season, a three-game six-day trek through Buffalo, Detroit and Columbus, might be missing LA right now.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect in the Buffalo area with school canceled and snow falling at a rate of two inches an hour.

In fact, the Kings bus was momentarily “stuck” in the snow as the team returned to their hotel following the morning skate.

That’s just a little different from LA, where it is 72 degrees all the time and where we have to make our own snow. (Snow Day In LA Photo Gallery)

The severe weather reminded of an excerpt from Bob Miller’s Tales From the Los Angeles Kings (Buy Bob's Book):

Buffalo, New York, is known for sudden snowstorms, and one hit the area on Jan. 10, 1982. The Kings hotel was only about a quarter-mile from the Auditorium. Some players decided to walk to the game, but halfway through they were hit with a horrendous storm.

The snow was so bad that even though over 15,000 tickets had been sold, only 2,079 brave souls made it to the game- the smallest crowd in Sabres’ history. The visibility was so bad that some people had to abandon their cars on a bridge behind the arena and be led off the bridge holding ropes. The wind chill was 50 below zero. During the game, the Sabres announced that fans whom were stranded were welcome to spend the night in the Auditorium and the Sabres offices. The next morning a picture in the Buffalo newspaper showed a fan sleeping overnight in the penalty box.

After the game, Kings players and team personnel were told that the four-wheel-drive vehicles would take them back to the hotel. There was only one vehicle, and it was taking four people at a time. The short roundtrip was taking 45 minutes. When I got there, I found about 30 people in the line ahead of me, so I decided to walk. I used my broadcast headphones as earmuffs and started in the general direction of the hotel. Halfway to the hotel in a blinding snowstorm, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I was walking in the street and decided I’d better get on the sidewalk in case a snowplow came along. If that happened I figured they wouldn’t find me until the next May.

When I finally made it to the hotel, I discovered a quarter-size area of skin on my face that looked like the beginning of frostbite, but at least I made it back to the bar for “last call.”

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