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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Tony Gasparini, Amateur Scout
Kings Amateur Scout Tony Gasparini agreed to sit down with and share his thoughts on the 2007 Training Camp. Check out the first of his entries below as Kings fans get an inside look at what Kings management must consider when building the roster for the 2007-08 Los Angeles Kings. We will be on the bus with the players at 4:30 p.m. and will watch the game and head back…it is like ground hog day, we will start over tomorrow.

As scouts, each and every one of us has learned to be more observant away from the rink as well. You can pick up a lot about a player’s character that may not be as evident on the ice. You are always watching and always observing what is going on and how they interact and to pick up on what kind of person they are.

It was a little different day being a game day today. We had two regular practice session and a pre game skate. At the pre game skate, the guys looked quick and crisp and you could tell there is an energy out there with the game tonight.

The other two groups skated and everyone did a good job. The drills are different and there is a lot more resistance to the drills for the groups that were not scheduled to play tonight.

There was a good mix of veterans and young guys, some pros and some juniors, you are going to see some guys get their first games in the NHL. Bud Holloway is going to get his first taste tonight, Brian Boyle is going to get a look as well, though he did play with Manchester last season, after his college years came to an end. Wayne Simmonds is going to get his first taste as well.

You could tell they look excited. It has to be a special feature for those guys and a very exciting moment for those kids.

This will be the last blog entry for Gasparini this training camp...hence is the life of a scout, he is back on the road tomorrow. We hope you have enjoyed reading this small glimpse into the mind of what management is looking for during training camp.

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