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by Alex Kinkopf / Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles; it is the entertainment capital of the world, after all.

Based mere miles from Hollywood from their homes in the South Bay and the team’s showcase venue at STAPLES Center, Kings players have had their cameos in Television commercials from time to time.

Some of them good, some funny, and others…well, these guys aren’t professional actors for a reason. In the videos below, we’re looking at only the player cameos involved directly with the respective organizations and sponsors, nothing directly oriented to the team.

Which unfortunately means we’ll be leaving out this team-produced beauty.

From Bob Miller, to Kingston and Bailey, to even Erik Ersberg, the Kings have made a splash in advertisement appearances throughout the years. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Bob Miller – Avis

Bob Miller’s on the play-by-play here as the late Chick Hearn teams up for the color commentary as the two legendary broadcasters pitch Avis Rental Cars that are “guaranteed to deliver.”

Almost has a Just For Men ring to it, no?

Wayne Gretzky – Coke

Nothing like slugging down an ice-cold Coke after a dehydrating and physically demanding hockey practice, right? When marketing these sugary drinks to kids was still legal, Wayne Gretzky answered the call.

Man, that song.

Nick Nickson – Slap Shop

Time to trade in that plaid for some sweet Kings gear, Nick. This is a prime example of ‘putting in your time.’ Nickson’s officially a lifer after this.

A commando commercial cameo.

Wayne Gretzky – Dominos

“Only the Great Ones deliver.” And Gretzky does just that with a Pizza in this commercial to Squints from The Sandlot.

Does it come with a side-order of Buffalo Wayne’s?

Even better! Get a Domino's Dominator Pizza, and get a free Wayne Gretzky poster!

That's a deal worth framing.

Wayne Gretzky – Nike

Bo Jackson enamored the sports world in the 1980’s and early 90’s when he played in both the MLB and NFL. Nike took Jackson’s skill-sets to new levels, where he makes a quick appearance in a Kings jersey.

Bo’s got your back, Wayne.

Kelly Hrudey – ESPN

Hockey was once televised and promoted on ESPN. Kelly Hrudey’s SportsCenter bit is proof.

Hrudey's bandana FTW.

Kingston – Slap Shop

Here, we see Kingston 1.0. And a man dressed as an old lady.

It’s something, right?

Wayne Gretzky – Thrifty

Wayne Gretzky teamed up to do a little rent-to-own deal with Thrifty. Rent a car? Get his autobiography for only – you got it, 99 cents.

What a 'Great' deal!

Bailey – The Parking Spot

We’re not sure what Bailey is doing here, except that he’s returned from a flight and is driving away in a red truck.

We prefer his trip to the tanning salon with Wild Wing.

Derek Armstrong – Metro Transit

“Catch the Sports Train,” says Army.

We always do.

J.S. Aubin – AMP Energy

J.S. Aubin appeared in 19 games for the Kings during the 2007-’08 season. His most memorable moment in a Kings uniform? Getting owned by Ryan Miller in a diss-battle.

We’re Quick now.

Erik Ersberg – DirecTV

Ever find yourself stuck at a painfully boring family function? Erik Ersberg is here to save you.

Or not.

Kevin Westgarth – Metro Transit

Legend has it former Kings enforcer Kevin Westgarth appeared in a Metro commercial as well. Sadly, all we have is this screenshot.

That was very possibly taken during a Kings game.

Drew Doughty – Bridgestone

What do you think, Drew Doughty’s some kind of lab rat? For Bridgestone scientists, he is here.

Don’t tread on Drew, or pucks for that matter.

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