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A Look Back At Tip-A-King 2011

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
By Sarah Sotoodeh | Special to

Members of the Los Angeles Kings Alumni Association (presented by Toyota) were featured at this past Sunday’s Tip A King event.

In addition to club broadcasters Jim Fox and Daryl Evans, Marty McSorley, Ian Turnbull and Pete Demers were part of the 2011 Tip-A-King event at the successful Sony Studios in Culver City.  

The annual event not only brings fans up close and personal to their favorite past and present Kings players, but also supports a great cause, benefiting the Kings Care Foundation.  

Here’s what Demers, Turnbull and McSorley had to say about this year’s popular event.

What did you think of Tip-A-King this year?

Turnbull: I enjoyed the day immensely.  I’ve been coming here for a long time and this is the first time we’ve had it on the Sony lot—it’s very Hollywood.  We had a lot of fun, there were a lot of nice people—a lot of the people that remembered the alumni, a lot of die-hard, long-time Kings fans out here, and we’re very appreciative that they remember some of us old guys.

Demers: I think the venue was perfect.  It gives the fans a chance to walk around and see the movie setting, and when you go around every corner, there’s a new little group of players standing, waiting for them.  It was well organized, as usual as it always is, and I’m really happy to be here as part of the alumni.

Best moment of the day?

Demers: Well, there are some die-hard fans and they’re still around.  It’s so much fun to see them come up and acknowledge the fact that they were fans since the 70s, and other fans will come and bring their kids and say hey, I was a little kid and you were the trainer and you gave me a puck—those moments are great.  We have some wonderful fans—we’re all family.

McSorley: Well, I enjoy when all the players and alumni and everybody kind of get together and you get a chance to tease the players a little bit.  We don’t see them that much—we kind of stay out of their way during the season, and just let them do what they do—and it’s a chance to say to hello and catch up a little bit with some of the guys.  There’s a lot of respect and camaraderie between not only the current players, but former players and current together.

How many Tip A Kings have you been to?

Demers: I was there for the first Tip-A-King and even after I retired I moved into the alumni position, so I haven’t missed a Tip-A-King since Tip-A-King started.  It’s a great cause as it was when we first started it and it’s continuing, and that’s a credit to the Kings organization.

McSorley: Oh boy, I can’t answer that on the grounds I might incriminate myself on how old I truly am!  I think I started going to Tip-A-King, going back to probably 1989, 1990—in that neighborhood.  I’ve not been to all of them but a lot of them, so I guess I’m kind of dating myself right there!
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