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Josh's Journal - Thursday, Day 4

by Staff Writer / Winnipeg Jets

Hey Jets/Kiss fans!

Another big day yesterday had the boys busy as always. We started with the usual 7 am wake up for breakfast before making our way to the rink.

Today's practice was tough! The focus was on defensive play and 1 on 1 battles. The intensity ramped up and testosterone was flowing. The nice thing though is each guy seemed to just work hard, compete, and battle to the fullest, but when the whistle went, the battling stopped and everyone just moved onto the next drill. It shows a lot about be character of the guys at the camp, and also the mindset instilled in us by the staff, to work and just understand each guy is trying to get better.

In the afternoon we had a workout and another mental training session. For those wondering, our workouts have been roughly an hour long. They may seem short but in a busy week like this they aren't designed to kill us. Usually we have a circuit to complete, with Tuesday being a upper body focus, Wednesday being a lower body, and Thursday being a core and stability focus. What's nice is after getting our testing results, we can figure out what things we need to work on the most, and get plans tailored to us. I was lucky enough to be Eric Comrie's workout partner and I figured he deserved a mention in the blog.

Funny enough, Eric and I have been playing with and against each other since we were 9 years old in spring hockey tournaments. We also played together for team Alberta at U16, Team Pacific at U17, and on Team Canada U18 at last summers Ivan Hlinka. The crazy part is through that entire process, we were on the same team for each tryout camp as well. It's cool to look back and reminisce on some of the good, funny and downright stupid moments throughout the years. Obviously now to be both drafted by the Jets is pretty surreal, and hopefully going forward we can continue to play together, whether that be at a World Junior Tournament in the next few years or even one day for the Jets in the NHL! (Good thing we talked about goal setting in those mental sessions)!!!

The day finished off with the group watching the KISS concert which was quite cool. Although most of us only new a handful of songs, it was still a fun time.

Mark Scheifele tweeted that I was loving my time at the concert, but I have to say, no one loved it more than him! All I can say is hopefully his neck is okay from all that head shaking!!

See you tomorrow Jets Fans!

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