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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
On May 14 at the Islanders' second RE/MAX Open House, GM Garth Snow and head coach Ted Nolan answered fan-submitted questions, but due to time restraints they were unable to respond to each of them. Because of the importance of fan involvement to the team, Snow and Nolan decided to take it upon themselves to answer the remaining questions and post them on

Name: John Tormey
Hometown: Glen Glove
Question for: Garth Snow
Question: Is there a big drop in talent from late round 1 to early round 2?
Answer: A lot of scouts around the league say that this is one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, so the talent is certainly there.

Name: Christopher
Hometown: Melville
Question for: Ted Nolan
Question: How many games will you win next year?
Answer: We want to win them all!

Name: Bob Gottlieb
Hometown: Oyster Bay
Question for: Ted Nolan
Question: The fans are very frustrated watching non-goal scorers continuously be on the ice during power plays. Why not devote the power play to only those players with the best offensive talent on the team?
Answer: We're going to put out the players who are playing the best and who deserve to be out there. They will give us the best chance to score on the power play.

Name: David
Hometown: 5 Towns
Question for: Garth Snow
Question: If a second line current NHL player is offered will you consider to trade down (at the draft)?
Answer: We keep an open mind to all possibilities. If the right situation comes up, we're going to do what's best for the team.

Name: Ed Berberich
Hometown: Glendale
Question for: General
Question: What is the status (good news & bad) about the Lighthouse Project
Answer: For all updates on the Lighthouse project, please visit its website

Name: Brett Cohn
Hometown: East Meadow
Question for: Jon Sim
Question: What is it like living on Long Island?
Answer: It's a great area and my family loves it. It's definitely one of the top cities in the NHL to live in and raise a family.

Name: Corey H
Hometown: Plainview
Question for: Ted Nolan
Question: How often is the back-up goalie going to play next year? We need Ricky to be healthy the whole season!
Answer: We're going to monitor games played very closely this season. Rick wants to play in all 82 games and you love to see that, but obviously he can't and we have to make sure we protect him.

Name: Tim Albert
Hometown: Lindenhurst
Question for: Garth Snow
Question: Are you looking to sign any big name free agents this off season?
Answer: We're always looking to improve our team. If the right player comes up and it makes sense financially, we're going to do everything we can to get that player.

Name: Bob Seperson
Question for: Garth Snow
Question: Which third round pick did you get from Anaheim in the Bergeron trade? The Ducks or the Oilers?
Answer: The Ducks.

Name: Chris Llyod        
Hometown: Lindenhurst
Question for: Garth Snow
Question: What are you looking to draft this year in the draft? Forward or defense?
Answer: We're going to talk the best available player. When these young prospects mature into the type of players they project to be, we might have different needs. Taking the best player available is the best way to go.

Name: Bill Alderman
Hometown: East Meadow
Question for: Staff
Question: Are you doing anything about getting better transportation to the Coliseum from the LIRR and back? If yes, what?
Answer: The team is currently exploring different options to improve mass transit to the Coliseum on game days. Check back to for updates on this subject.

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