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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
Dman says he has made a call to Colin Campbell to "clear the air"

Islanders defenseman Brendan Witt told after practice today that he has placed a call to NHL Senior Executive VP Colin Campbell.

The league's Director of Hockey Operations told Newsday's Greg Logan that Witt "has got a lot to say lately" and that the defenseman has his phone number and should give him a call. See Logan's blog here.

"When I heard about that," Witt said, "I called Colin Campbell yesterday so we could clear the air. I never meant to make this personal. Colin Campbell should not take this personally. I'm just a guy who speaks his mind. We're in America, right?

"But no, it's definitely not meant to be taken personally. I wouldn't want to be in Colin Campbell's position. He has a very difficult job and tough decisions to make all the time.

"So I tried to call him yesterday but so far he hasn't called me back. Hopefully we can talk soon and clear it up."

The heart-on-his-sleeve Witt spoke his mind on two other topics today.

On taking a roundhouse punch from Donald Brashear on Saturday: "It could have been worse, I guess. I had to get my ear drained yesterday. That's all. The league said it was a two-minute penalty. Just saying what I feel here, but if I was a superstar, I think they'd be looking at a suspension. But I'm not, so it is what it is."

On the coverage of the Chris Simon incident: "Channel 2, they barely mention our games all season but now we lead their sportscast every night. We usually don't see too many TV cameras on practice days. It's too bad we focus so much on the negative, but our fans know what a great sport this is."

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