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by Claire Arnstein / New York Islanders

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Erin Doughty pushed through the revolving doors to City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill with a grin from ear to ear.  She anxiously went up to the hostess to declare her arrival. Doughty, entered in the New York Islanders’ “Dinner with an Islanders Contest” for the chance to win dinner with an Islander.  She composed a personal essay about her admiration for the team and why she deserved to win.  Through the numerous entrees, Doughty’s essay prevailed and she won the opportunity to have dinner with Rob Schremp.  

City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill, located a mile and half from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, agreed to host this memorable dinner.  They have been a sponsor for the Islanders since the creation of the restaurant.  City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill has been a sponsor for the Islanders since the restaurant opened and through Scott Dexter, the partnership has helped his business. 

“The Islanders have always been very good to City Cellar, and I try to help them by hosting their different events whether they’re charity functions or fan get gatherings,” Dexter said.

Doughty, a native of Smithtown, was the first to arrive at the restaurant Tuesday, June 8th.  Accompanying her at the dinner was Doughty’s friends Lauren Gillin and Will Teese and her younger sister Katie Doughty.  She giggled with her friends as her nerves increased in anticipation of Schremp’s arrival. 

As Schremp entered the restaurant, Doughty did her best to remain composed.  Schremp had on his navy blue Islanders jersey and carried a team signed stick.  He introduced himself to Doughty and her friends and the five of them enjoyed a relaxing dinner.

Her nerves quickly changed to comfort as she got to experience what many fans already have in Schremp’s outgoing personality. Schremp and Doughty talked about their favorite players, his friends on the team and who he rooms with on road trips.  Although they focused on hockey, they also talked about other sports, such as baseball and pets.  Before dinner Doughty only knew Schremp as the player who she idolized from her seat in the stands but after meeting the Syracuse native, she was blown away by his incredible personality.

“After getting to know him (Schremp) I realized that he’s really a sweet guy.  I think everyone should meet him and all players should share his same attitude, I really think he’s a good guy. It was definitely a great time!”

Schremp autographed several items and left them with Doughty.  He posed for pictures and made the dinner memorable not only for Doughty but for himself as well.

“Dinner was great, we had some good company, great food, the restaurant was awesome the food was great, service was great and most of all, the conversation was a lot of fun. It was good to be here and fortunately for me, I got to meet these guys, they won the contest, and now, I have four new friends.”
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