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Isles Road Stories: Butch Goring

Butch Goring tells the story of a fire on the team bus

by Cory Wright WrightsWay / New York Islanders

Practical jokes are a staple of life on the road, but sometimes things get a little heated.

Former Islander and current MSG Color Commentator Butch Goring takes us back to the early 70's when he was with the LA Kings. According to Butch, these jokers knew how to heat up a bus trip.

This was in the early 70's and in those days, there used to be an expression called 'Hot News'.

It was a practical joke and the idea was if someone was reading the paper, you'd light it on fire while he was concentrating on reading.

So one day we're on the bus from the airport to the hotel and Rogie Vachon is reading the newspaper.

Rogie is near the back of the bus reading the paper and one of the guys lights his newspaper on fire. He's concentrating, so he doesn't notice right away.

When all of the sudden, the paper starts to flame up a little bit and we all start yelling 'Hot News! Hot News!"

That got Rogie's attention and he throws the paper on the floor because it's turned into a full flame. Now we're in a panic because we're trapped on the back of a bus, there's gasoline underneath the floor with a flaming newspaper on it.

The driver sees the smoke billowing in the back of the bus and immediately pulls the bus over. He's really upset and starts yelling at us, hey, what's going on here!

He comes running back and we're all scattering at the back of the bus, because it's got a pretty good flame. The bus driver starts stamping it out, there's smoke filling up all over the place.

He stamps the fire out, but boy, he was really fired up and wanted to kick us off the bus.

We told him we needed to get to the hotel, but he said if there were any damages we'd have to foot the bill. Thankfully, he never came to collect.

Still, that was the end of Hot News on the bus.

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