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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders

Scott Gordon

Photo by Rich Stieglitz
Head Coach Scott Gordon is choosing to use the little time he has before the season starts to work on getting the entire team in sync with his new high-speed system of play. The buzz word on the ice over the past two days has been—"Overspeed."
"We're all excited about playing this new style Gordon is calling Overspeed," said Jeff Tambellini. "The essence of the style is to be constantly moving and getting the puck up the ice quickly. It's all about high speed with and without the puck and putting pressure on the opposition."
During one drill on Sunday, Gordon instructed the defensemen playing the point to be more aggressive when trying to keep the puck in the offensive zone, while the high forward covered the point.
"It was a long night for the wingers when we played against Providence in the past," said Tambellini, who matched up against Gordon's Bruins while with Bridgeport over the past three seasons. "The defensemen sat right up on the wingers when we tried to get the puck out. It's a very fluid system that Gordon implements. It keeps the opposition from having too much time with the puck. We're all going to have to be skating at top speed."
With a new system being put in place, Gordon is focusing on making sure everyone on the team is executing it properly before heading into the regular season. Unlike in year's past, the Islanders will not take part in intra-squad scrimmages during practice time at Training Camp. The players will not participate in game-like situations until they're taking part in their exhibition games.
"I think what Gordon is doing is good for the team," said Frans Nielsen. "I don't get much out of playing in scrimmages where there is no hitting. Instead, we're just working on making sure we all know the new system for the games that matter."
As Gordon has indicated, his veterans, like Captain Bill Guerin, are an extension of the coaching staff and are pivotal in making sure everyone is on board with the new style of play.
"It's a great up-tempo style that Gordon is implementing this season," said Guerin. "Everyone is working hard to make sure we get it right to begin the season."
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