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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders

On Wednesday morning, the 6th grade class of Lynbrook South Middle School became the next group of students who got to partake in the “We’re All Islanders” school assembly program.  From 10:15am to 11am, the general purpose room of Lynbrook South Middle School was filled with the attentive 6th graders as they sat in their seats, mesmerized as they listened to Islander Alumni Steve Webb and Eric Cairns, along with Monica the Ice Girl and Sparky, talk about the importance of teamwork.  Both Steve and Eric talked about their playing days and how alone, they were nothing, but the friendships they formed and cooperation and support of their teammates helped them to win games. 

They also discussed some personal situations where working with someone helped them succeed and get to the next level.  Steve Webb discussed how at 16 years old, he strived to play like a friend of his, who was a very talented player.  Together, the two friends worked hard with each other and eventually made it to the NHL and even played on the same line.  Eric discussed how during training camp, he was able to look past the fact that not all the guys spoke the same language, but that they all really wanted to win the Stanley Cup, and that common goal allowed them to really bond and overcome their differences so that they could work together as a team.  The 6th graders took in the message and asked some great questions, and each received a great gift bag along with a ticket offer to an upcoming game to see firsthand how the current Islanders work together to be the best team in the NHL.

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