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Islanders Taking the Twitterverse by Storm

by Dyan LeBourdais / New York Islanders
Social media is taking the world by storm, and the New York Islanders have immersed themselves and joined the fray. The team is breaking news and engaging with fans on Twitter (@NYIslanders), Facebook, You Tube, Flickr, and Foursquare.

Now, even some of the Islanders players have hopped into the mix. Michael Grabner, Matt Moulson, Rob Schremp and Bruno Gervais all have Twitter accounts and they have used them to connect with their fans and to get news from the world outside Islanders Country.

“Sometimes I find things out on there before anywhere else,” @MMouslon said. “I more or less just thougt it was entertaining, following different people. People follow me and it’s nice telling them about what I do. Maybe I haven’t been on top of it like I should be, but it’s fun being on there.”

While @MMoulson enjoys following Chad Ochocinco (@Ochocinco) and Terrell Owens (@TerrellOwens), @Grabs40 likes to use Twitter for news updates, especially while he’s busy traveling with the team.

“I don’t have a lot of time to read newspapers so Twitter is like my source of news,” @Grabs40 said. “I follow ESPN and TSN and just read different sports highlights and news.”

@Grabs40 even likes that he’s able to talk to fans.

“I think it’s a good way to talk to them,” @Grabs40 said. “Sometimes after a loss you don’t want to talk to anyone and personally you just want to go home, but after a couple of hours you relax and you can tell them how it went. It’s nice to reach out that way.”

In one recent tweet, @Grabs40 said, “@Sanchez_Says I gotta score on my next breakaway so people can't chirp anymore hahah.”

Even though interacting with fans is a nice perk, @MMoulson said he enjoys taking the friendly locker room banter to the next level. So when @Grabs40 decided to take the teasing a step further by chirping his friend @MMoulson through the Twitterverse, it became a fun back and forth conversation for fans as well.

“It was entertaining for the fans,” @MMoulson said. “Grabs and I chirp each other every day in the locker room so we might as well do it on Twitter too.”

@RobSchremp also thought the friendly mockery was comical.

“Mouls is a easy guy to chirp so I can see how Grabner would get in a battle with him so that’s kind of funny,” @RobSchremp said. “I think fans like to see that kind of stuff and see the personalities of teammates and how we talk to each other. We chirp and that’s not only on Twitter. We get that in the room every day. It’s pretty natural.”

A fun little anecdote from the back-and-forth banter includes these tweets:

@MMoulson said, “@grabs40 well maybe u can just pull me behind u so I can get one...and have u ever thought maybe ur right handed instead of left?”

Then @Grabs40 tweeted in response, “@MMoulson I tried that didn't work though. I will give u skating lessons if u want. might take a few hours but will give u the 1st hour free.”

Even though everyone was enjoying the conversation, @Grabs40 informed the Twitterverse that he and @MMoulson had called a truce on January 7 when he tweeted, “Well I have bad news. @MMoulson and I decided to make a truce for a while. back to being friendly.”

Once we got the duo talking about the truce in the locker room, it seems we may have ignited a rematch.

“We talked about it in the locker room and called it off,” @Grabs40 said initially said.

Then @MMoulson chimed in, “I told her you were scared.”

@Grabs40’s reply “Oh, then it’s back on.”
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