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by Staff Writer / New York Islanders

Arena Hostess Dina and her sidekick Sparky The Dragon, headed into Queens bright and early Monday morning to kick off the first of 100 “We’re All Islanders” School Assembly Program at P.S. 150 in Sunnyside. The half hour assembly focuses on the importance of teamwork not only in sports, but in the world of education as well. Dina and Sparky stress the importance of teamwork to the young students through the use of a video of the current Islanders players and coaches talking about how they all work together, fun and interactive demonstrations involving students and teachers, and Dina drawing comparisons between the structure of the people in a school to the structure of the New York Islanders. Over 1,200 students filled the P.S. 150 auditorium over the course of three assemblies (9am, 9:45am, and 10:15am), with kids ranging from grades 1-6. The students learned while laughing and having fun as the assembly closed with a thunderous “Let’s Go Islanders” chant.  The loudest point of the assembly was when the students learned that they would be going home with an Islanders folder, pencil, and brand new Islanders comic book, as well as other information about the Islanders. 

For more information about the program and to have your school considered in the future, CLICK HERE.

2009-10 Season Schedule:

Date       School

19-Oct    PS 150 School
20-Oct    Saltzman East Memorial School
21-Oct    Cherokee Street School
22-Oct    Robert Moses Middle School
23-Oct    Abbey Lane School
26-Oct    John H West Elementary
26-Oct    Stratford Road School
27-Oct    Southwest Elementary School
28-Oct    PS 87 Middle Village School
29-Oct    Jericho Elementary School
30-Oct    Islip Middle School
30-Oct    A.T. Morrow Elementary School
2-Nov     Jackson Annex Elementary School
4-Nov     Obama Elementary School
5-Nov     Fulton Elementary School
6-Nov     Eastport Elementary School
9-Nov     Franklin Elementary School
10-Nov   Jackson Main Elementary School
12-Nov   Gatelot Ave School
13-Nov   PS 260
16-Nov   Landing Elementary School
16-Nov   Deasy Elementary School
17-Nov   Springs Union Free School District
18-Nov   Sawmill Intermediate School
19-Nov   North Coleman Rd Elementary School
20-Nov   PS 95 Q School
20-Nov   PS 30 School
23-Nov    Oquenock Elementary School
24-Nov    PS 162 The Golden School
25-Nov    Denton Ave School
25-Nov    Garden City Park School
30-Nov    Willow Road School
30-Nov    James A. Dever School
1-Dec    Norman J. Levy Lakeside School
1-Dec    Lee Road School
2-Dec    PS 67 School
3-Dec    PS-IS 266 School
7-Dec    Charles Schwarting Elementary School
8-Dec    PS 88 The Seneca School
9-Dec    Joseph Edgar School
10-Dec    St. Catherines School
14-Dec    Oceanside School
15-Dec    Covert Ave School
17-Dec    Powell Lane Elementary School
17-Dec    Park Avenue School
18-Dec    Oceanside School #4
21-Dec    Thomas J. Leahy School
22-Dec    Rhame Ave School
23-Dec    Seaford Manor School
23-Dec    East Broadway School
4-Jan    Edith L. Slocum Elementary School
4-Jan    Medford Elementary School
5-Jan    Cordello Elementary School
5-Jan    Our Lady of Lourdes
6-Jan    La Frances Hardiman Elementary School
7-Jan    Westbury Friends School
11-Jan    St. Peter's School
11-Jan    Webber Middle School
12-Jan    Highland Elementary School
13-Jan    Albany Avenue School
14-Jan    Martin Avenue School
19-Jan    Boyle Rd Elementary School
19-Jan    Arrowhead Elementary School
20-Jan    Stratford Ave School
21-Jan    James H. Boyd Elementary School
25-Jan    Bowling Green Elementary School
26-Jan    Birchwood Intermediate School
27-Jan    Marion G. Vedder Elementary School
28-Jan    South Bay Elementary School
1-Feb    William Floyd Elementary School
2-Feb    Corpus Christi School
2-Feb    Centre Street School
3-Feb    Bellmont Elementary School
4-Feb    Connolly Elementary School
5-Feb    Helen B. Duffield Elementary School
8-Feb    River Elementary School
9-Feb    Steele Elementary School
10-Feb    Schubert Elementary School
11-Feb    Loretta Park Elementary School
12-Feb    Old Bethpage Elementary School
22-Feb    Pines Elementary School
23-Feb    Santapogue Elementary School
24-Feb    Davison Ave School
24-Feb    St. Raymond's School
25-Feb    Summit Lane Elementary School
25-Feb    Gardiners Ave School
25-Feb    Stokes Elementary School
26-Feb    Our Lady of Perpetual
1-Mar    East Islip Middle School
2-Mar    Bayville Intermediate School
2-Mar    Bayville Primary School
3-Mar    Grundy Ave School
4-Mar    Kappa 6 School
5-Mar    Bay Elementary School
8-Mar    PS 18 The Winchester School
9-Mar    Vanderbilt Elementary School
10-Mar    Woods Rd Elementary School
11-Mar    PS 112 Dutch Hills School
12-Mar    Fifth Avenue School
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