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Getting to Know...Garth Snow

by Staff Writer / New York Islanders


Garth Snow was born on July 28, 1969 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. He grew up in Wrentham and still considers it home.

Garth and his wife Erica have a son, Glenn. They currently reside on the north shore of Long Island. He met Erica in college and stayed close friends with her throughout his career.


Hockey player growing up: Bobby Orr

Hockey team player growing up: Boston Bruins

Food: Sushi

Drink: Club Soda

Restaurant: Ruth's Chris Steak House

Music: Classic Rock

Band: Pearl Jam

Movie: Braveheart

TV: Nip/Tuck

Pads: Brians

Video Game: PSP Baseball

Car:  Mercedes S55

Vacation Spot: Wrentham, MA

Color: Blue

Sport besides hockey: Golf

Spot on LI: Any Golf Course



Ever perchance an SI Swimsuit Magazine? Um, yeah

What's your guilty pleasure TV show? I'm not embarrassed about anything. I like Nip/Tuck

Instant message with other NHL players? No

Do you watch the OC? Nope

Ever pretend to be Billy Smith? Yes, a few times.

Play online poker? Not yet.

Do you watch Arena Football? When I get a chance.

Dig Hulk Hogan's daughter? I've seen her sing the National Anthem, but no.

Hulk Hogan or Rick Flair? Rick Flair.

Lifehouse, Ashley Simpson or Billy Joel? Lifehouse

Who's your role model off the ice? Rick DiPietro

Do you think Brad and Angelina will last? Who cares?

Will you read the Islanders yearbook this year? Yes.

Have you heard about the Milbury Incident? Which one? or

Which Islander would you like to box against? The equipment staff, if that counts

Do you miss the red line? No

Like the shoot outs? Yeah

Think the Coliseum is perfect as is? No

Ever get a speeding ticket? Yes

Ever watch reruns of "Full House"? No

Michelle Wie or Dancia Patrick? Neither

What rule would you get rid of? The instigator penalty.

Baseball, football or curling? Football

How old were you when you first started skating? Five

Team clown? Ricky

Who reminds you most of a clown? Batesy

Game on the line, penalty shot. Which shooter do you NOT want to face? Alexei Kovalev

How many times have you seen one of the three American Pie movies? At least ten

First impressions of LI? Beautiful


NYI: So what was like living in Russia last year?
GS: Well, it made me appreciate living in America more.

NYI: What made you decide to come back?
GS: I missed home.


NYI: What's it like rooming with Ricky on the road?
GS: Surprisingly, he's not as hyper in the room as he is outside.

NYI: Any funny stories?
GS: Yeah, there's a few. In Montreal I got into the room before he did and I hid in the bathroom. When he came in, I jumped out and scared the living heck out of him.


NYI: New helmet and pads for this year?
GS: Just wanted to go with something different.

NYI: What was the thought process with your new helmet?
GS: Well, I put the names of my father and brother on my helmet. I also wanted to put a lighthouse on there, which came out really good.

NYI: No Abominable Snowman anymore?
GS: With my son, I didn't want anything scary on there.

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