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Getting to Know...Brad Lukowich

by Staff Writer / New York Islanders


Brad was born on August 12, 1976 in Surrey, British Columbia to Perryanne and Bernie. He has a brother, Matthew, and a sister, Sheryl. Growing up, the
Lukowiches had two dogs: Sparky and Missy.

Brad is married to Cara, whom he first saw when leaving the arena in Dallas as a member of the Stars. He asked a Stars' staff member to ask her if she wanted to meet for lunch, since he didn't want to create a stir and embarrass her in front of the fans outside the arena. At the time, Cara had a boy friend, but a few months later Ric Jackman (a friend of Brad's and currently a Pittsburgh Penguin) bumped into Cara. He told Brad that she was now single and Brad and Cara started dating. Their first date was to a Dallas Mavericks game.

Brad and Cara have been married for three years and have one daughter, Michaela, who is two. They have a dog named Ben and live in Williston Park.


Favorite hockey player growing up: My dad

Favorite hockey teams growing up: Vancouver Canucks and the Islanders

Food: Perogies

Drink: Water

Restaurant: My restaurant, Finnigan's Wake

Long Island restaurant: Vincent's

Type of music: Anything rock

Band: I can't say any one band. I have too many friends in the business

TV Show: All I watch is Fuse and MTV

Movie: Super Troopers

Brand of stick, skates and gloves: Mission

Video game: Madden NFL

Car: Vinny Lecavaier's Ferrari

Vacation spot: Hawaii

Book: Stephen King's "IT"

Color: Black

Sport (besides hockey): Football



Ever purchased an SI Swimsuit magazine? Yes

Guilty Pleasure TV show? "Laguna Beach"

Instant messages other NHL players? Yes

Watches "The OC"? No

Thinks DiPietro should stay in the crease? No

Plays online poker?

Do you play Madden football? Yes

Dig Hulk Hogan's Daughter? Sure, she's cool

Hogan or Rick Flair? Oh, Hulk Hogan for sure

Lifehouse, Ashley Simpson or Billy Joel? Lifehouse

Will read the Islanders yearbook? Yes

Heard about the Milbury incident? No or

Islander to box against? Janne Niinimaa

Misses the red line? No

Likes shootouts? Actually, I don't mind them.

Thinks the Coliseum is perfect as is? I love the building, but there's
always room for improvement

Got a speeding ticket? Yes

Watches reruns of "Full House"? I never watched it the first time around

Michelle Wie or Danica Patrick? I don't know who Danica Patrick is, so
Michelle Wie

What rule would you change or get rid of? The over-the-glass delay of game

Most goals scored in a game? I scored a couple of hat tricks a long, long
time ago

Baseball, Football or Curling? Football

How old were you when you first skated? Probably around three

Ever taking figure skating lessons? No

Team clown? Ricky

Game on the line, penalty shot...Goalie you don't want to face? John

Do you want a Barry Melrose-style mullet? Absolutely not!

How many times have you seen one of the three "American Pie" movies? Too
many times. It's always on TV

Left or right skate on first? Never thought about it

First impressions of Long Island? Love it.

Like Ricky's new pads? Love them.


NYI: What's it like hoisting the Cup?
BL: The first time was kind of uncomfortable, to be honest. I wasn't with
Dallas the whole 82-game grind, so it was a little weird. The second time
was so gratifying. There's seriously no words to describe it. I'm still
looking for the right ones.

NYI: Unreal, unbelievable, great? Those don't do the trick?
BL: I don't think I'll ever find the words. You feel like you're on top of
the world. All those clichés are true. It's everything everyone has ever
told you and more.

NYI: So, where did you take the Cup?
BL: I took it back home to Cranbrook, BC and shared it with some friends,
did the city hall thing and took it around town.


NYI: So, Uncle Lorne?
BL: Uncle Lorne (Henning)... He was my dad's best man.

NYI: Is it true he took you down to the Islanders locker room as a kid?
BL: Yeah, it was my first NHL hockey game. Islanders at Calgary. I remember
running into the locker room with all the gear hanging up. I ran into the
training room and Patrick Flatley asked me: "Can I help you?"

NYI: Did Flats scare you at all?
BL: No, he gave me one of his sticks when Uncle Lorne told him who I was.


NYI: What's the story on draft day when the Isles selected you?
BL: I got my tonsils out the Thursday before the draft. The Islanders
selected me in the fourth round. So, we get a call and my mom comes running
down the stairs telling me the Islanders are on the

NYI: You weren't able to talk, were you?
BL: No. Lorne was on the phone and he said "Brad, I just want to
congratulate you on being drafted by the Islanders. Grunt if you can hear
me." So I grunted.


NYI: How do you like Long Island so far?
BL: I love it. It's been great. It reminds me of home.

NYI: Which parts remind you of home?
BL: All the small towns. It's very "homey." My family and I love it.


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