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Catching Up With Travis Hamonic

by Cory Wright / New York Islanders

We don’t get too many updates from Travis Hamonic during the offseason, as the Islanders defenseman heads back to his cabin in Manitoba, unwinding on the lake and training hard in the gym.

Off the ice, Hamonic hit a personal milestone, getting married to his wife Stephanie. caught up with Hamonic to talk about the wedding, his cabin and what’s got him fired up for next season.

NYI: So you got married this summer. Congratulations.

TH: The wedding was great. Speaking for both Steph and I, I think the wedding was everything we had imagined it would be. It’s the most special day of your life, and it certainly was for us. It was a great time. We had a lot of the guys from the team come down, and it was good to catch up with everybody, and I bet if you ask anyone of them, they'd say they had a pretty good time as well. It was just a great day all around. We had a chance to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and we really enjoyed that as well. It's a great spot, beautiful.

NYI: We saw the picture of everyone at the wedding, but not you. What happened? They didn't make you take the picture did they?

TH: *Laughs* They were trying to track me down, but I guess when you're at your own wedding, things are a little hectic. Maybe we can get someone to superimpose me into it or something.

NYI: What island did you go to in Hawaii? Are you a big surfer now?

TH: We went to Maui, and then we went to the big island, and then we went up to Oahu, and then we went back to Maui. We were there for two weeks, so we kind of jumped around from island to island.

I do a little wake surfing in the summertime behind my boat at the lake. I wanted to get out there and try the real thing, so Steph and I got out there, and we did pretty well.

NYI: How’s the cabin life? You’re known to really get away from it all after the season.

TH: I love being on the water fishing. I love being in the woods. I kind of dug my fingers and hands into big projects, clearing a lot of the brush by hand, so that's always fun. It's a bit of a workout chopping wood, but I love it. It's the outdoors—it's in me. I mean, it's certainly not for everybody, but if you enjoy that kind of lifestyle, for me, there's nowhere better than being on the water fishing or surfing or just being out there and enjoying kind of shutting yourself off from the world.

NYI: You train up there too right?

TH: Yeah. I have a gym on my property, which has been great. There are certainly no excuses now to get in the gym when you're out there because it's 30 feet from my cabin. We get ice up there in Kenora, and we skate, but now usually at this point in the summer, I start spending Monday through Thursday in [Winnipeg], so I can be skating with a big group of guys in Winnipeg.

NYI: You guys had a good season last year, advancing to the second round. How do you carry that momentum and ascension into next season?

TH: Maybe one of the best answers I can give you is kind of using the fact that we lost the second round as motivation. I think that, since I've been there, that's the furthest we've been, and I think we had a lot of guys that are really going to take that next step in their career. A lot of the younger guys are certainly coming into their own. We've had a bit of a changeover this summer with some of the players that we've lost and some of the new guys that were taken in. We're thrilled about the new players that we have. They're great additions, and I think they all bring certainly a lot of experience to our lineup. Hopefully, we can keep pushing ahead as a team, and I think that we're confident in ourselves and our group. You just have to keep being hungry. It was a pretty crummy feeling leaving and getting on that flight in Tampa knowing that we were done. I'm still mad, and I'm sure a lot of guys don't want to feel like that ever again. I think that's kind of your motivation.


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