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50 WORDS OR LESS: Don't Touch That Song!

by Staff Writer / New York Islanders
It's near-unanimous: fans want to keep the "Hey" tradition

The fans have spoken, and as a result, you won't see any major changes to the Islanders' goal song anytime soon. We received more than 1,200 emails over the last four days. More than 1,000 told us that they would be very upset if the Islanders switched from Gary Glitter to something else.

There were some suggestions to play with the œHey! song by adding more effects, sirens, bells and horns or playing it faster. Fans were pretty divided on the post-song œWoo. Some wanted it to be part of the tradition. Some said the woos drive them crazy.

About a hundred fans provided their ideas for post-goal songs. These have been passed along to the game operations department. You probably won't hear your song after a goal, but there's a good chance it will be added to the playlist if it isn't already there.


Thanks for writing, and thanks for setting us straight. That's why we asked. Here are a few samples:

Please don't change the goal song. It is bad enough that you guys play techno instead of rock and roll. The goal song is classic and should never go away. You would be killing a real tradition!
J. Nappi

When the Islanders score a goal there is no other routine that should take place than what the Islanders have now.  The siren, the Gary Glitter "Goal Song," followed by the infamous "woos" combine tradition with excitement.
Rick Q. Siemers

Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part II" is a classic. It goes with the Islanders, The Coliseum and hockey. An Islanders goal scored without "Rock and Roll Part II" being played during the celebration, on the ice and in the stands, would be as bad as last year. The year without hockey!
Dominick Santoro

The goal song is never to be changed.  2002, Game 4 vs. the Maple  Leafs. After Shawn Bates blasted the puck past CuJo, that song never  sounded so good. 14,000 fists in the air in victory.  It gives me  goosebumps just to think about it.

Personally, I think its time for a new song.  The "Hey" song is great and its hockey tradition, but it gets a little boring after you've been an islander fan for a while. I think we should use the Zombie Nation song. Its more recent, more exciting and it'll get the fans more excited.
Rego Park

Well, I for one vote for going back to the old school siren and retiring the fog horn. I feel the Whoo's are way too annoying. I personally think you should just sound a siren.. There's no need for loud, drawn out music. Let the crowd cheer!
Lorne Myers
Forest Hills

Sports fans are creatures of habit. The Isles score; we pump our fists in the air, scream HEY and follow with several WOOOS! We would not be Islanders - without this special tradition we know so well. Change that and we change so much more! Let's go Islanders!!!!
Michael Schuerlein

My vote: Keep. Yup, it's tradition all right. Let the other teams do something else, we'll be the last ones keeping it alive. It would be a letdown to hear something else played, but if it was changed, please NO hiphop junk, make it a cool chant or something.
Vincent Drew
Lifelong fan

I like the song, but we need more horn! There's no sweeter sound on Earth, so fire that sucker 3 or 4 times after a goal, not once. I live in Pennsylvania, and blast the volume on every home goal so the whole neighborhood knows the Isles scored. MORE HORN!
Brad Christman
Harrisburg, PA

The "Hey" song is arguably one of the best sports songs ever made, but it's too generic. Our Islanders need something unique with a little grit. I think Alice In Chains' "Man in the Box" would be perfect for the Island. Everyone singing the beginning "Yeah" parts would be unreal.
Dave Engler
Stamford, Ct

Ok. Rock and Roll Part 1 needs to go.....NOW. I honestly think that The Zambonis' "Shot Score" would be suitable, they just say "Shot, score!" and it could get really catchy with everybody! Imagine having the goal horn going off, and then the song starts, I've got chills just thinking about hearing that!
M. Iandona

I think we need to keep that goal song the way it is. My 5 year old is just getting the hang of it. Some people say change is good, I don't agree. Let's not mess with tradition. Remember what happened last time we made a change? Fishsticks.....need I say more?

I hope you never, ever, ever change the goal song.  It is one hockey tradition that should never be changed.  It took a long time to teach my girlfriend, mom, etc. the dance ritual, and I could not imagine another song motivating 16,000 fans to dance in unison other than the macarena (enough said).
Rockville Centre

A classic never dies.  But a new loud rocking original custom written song for the Islanders would be the only way to replace it if it were to go.

I'm a 19-year old college student that's been waiting a long time to reclaim a seat in the Coliseum (over 100 games in 208).  My first Isles home game in almost a year and a half will be during my Thanksgiving break.  Believe it or not, I am looking forward to pumping my fists to the "HEY" song after we finally put a puck by Hasek.  Preserve tradition, don't change it.  Let's Go Isles!
Ryan Stillufsen

My suggestion for the song played after an Islander goal is TNT by AC/DC. Can you imagine the entire NVMC screaming T-N-T! After every Islander goal? It would be awesome and could also get the crowd and the players more pumped after each goal. Plus please bring back the old foghorn played in the early 90's.
Deane Petikas

Leave it! Don't mess with tradition. Haven't we learned that from the jersey fiasco?
Joe LaMonte
Season Ticket Holder
Sec 204 Row G Seats 9-11

Keep it.
Michael Alcide
New Hyde Park


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