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2007 PROSPECT CAMP: Day 2 Notes & Quotes

by Jason Lockhart / New York Islanders
Intensity picks up, Tamby cites Marcou for standing out

Jeff Tambellini, Blake Comeau and Emil Axelsson
Day 2 of the Islanders Prospect Camp picked up the pace after a fairly stress-less Day 1. The off-ice workouts were more draining than Wednesday's activities. Players such as Danish-born Frans Nielsen were sweating bullets and hanging out their tongues as they traveled back to the locker rooms for much-needed showers.

On the ice, the players continued to work on their skating and puck skills. Like yesterday's shootout drill, Thursday's final ice activity was a fun game, where two skaters went 2-on-0 against a netminder. The game pitted the defensemen against the forwards.

Group Bossy saw the forwards, but in the second group, the defensemen – plus Kyle Okposo and Harvard forward Doug Rogers – were victorious, snapping an 0-3 record by defensemen in camp games.

"That was a brutal game," said Bridgeport goaltender Mike Mole. "You're absolutely helpless out there. I guess it's fun for the skaters."

Notes and quotes from Day 2 at the Prospects Camp.

* The Islanders alumni continue to make appearances at the Camp. Mr. Islander Bobby Nystrom spoke to the boys today about how lucky they are to be playing hockey as a profession. He sent them off with some words of advice and a hilarious joke involving prospect Jordan Hart's father, Gerry.

* Media Watch: Newsday's Greg Logan and's Evan Grossman were on the scene today.

* Speaking of Okposo: His Minnesota Golden Gophers and Rhett Rakhshani's Denver Pioneers had a couple of battles this past January. The teams split a pair of one-goal games, while playing in Minnesota.

"It's always fun going up against guys you know," said Okposo. "You just try not to give them any cheap shots."

"There was a scrum during one of the games while Kyle and I were both on the ice," said Rakhshani. "We just looked over at each other and smiled."

* The three most frustrated players in camp are injured Sound Tigers Masi Marjamaki and Jeremy Colliton as well as 2006 3rd round pick Robin Figren.

"I really wish I could be out there," said Figren, while watching his fellow prospects. "Hopefully, I can get better in time for training camp. The Islanders organization has been very helpful in helping me recover from my injury."

* Back to the pronunciation topic. There's always been some confusion about the pronunciation of Bryan Trottier's last name. It should be pronounced TROT-chay – two syllables, rather than TROT-ti-ay – three syllables.

"For some reason when I came to Long Island, people added a third syllable," said Trots. "But the person who pronounced my name best was Mario Lemieux. When I went to Pittsburgh, he would roll his "Rs" when saying my name. That might be how my name should be pronounced."

* Kids at the Ferraro Camp – run by former Islander prospects Peter and Chris Ferraro –are receiving a special treat this week at Iceworkds. Not only are they learning from the Ferraro twins, but they also get to watch the Islanders prospect camp during their breaks.

* Islanders Director of Grass Root Hockey Steve Webb has also been roaming the Iceworks grounds speaking to local youth hockey players.

"This is a perfect setting for young hockey players," said Webb about the prospects camp. "So many parents are caught up on having their kids on the ice all the time, when they should be focusing more on having their kids watch some of the best players. Young hockey players are sponges and they can really take in what they see from these Islanders prospects to help improve as players."

* When asked which of the younger players stood out in his mind, Jeff Tambellini responded by saying James Marcou, the 5-7 camp invite from Kings Park. "He's more like 5-5, but he has incredible hands," said Tambellini. "He was making some impressive moves around guys out there."

* The 2007 Prospect Group is divided into two groups: Bossy and Trottier.

Trottier Group:

Jase Weslosky (NYI 2006 Round 4)
Stefan Ridderwall (NYI 2006 Round 6)

Drew Fata (2006 Signed Free Agent)
Dustin Kohn (NYI 2005 Round 2)
Shane Sims (NYI 2006 Round 5)
Tyrell Mason (NYI 2005 Round 6)
Mark Katic (NYI 2007 Round 3)
Simon Lacroix (NYI 2007 Round 7)

Sean Bentivoglio (2007 Signed Free Agent)
Frans Nielsen (NYI 2002 Round 3)
Kyle Okposo (NYI 2006 Round 1)
Jason Pitton (NYI 2004 Round 8)
Rhett Rakhshani (NYI 2006 Round 4)
Shea Guthrie (NYI 2005 Round 3)
Jesse Joensuu (NYI 2006 Round 2)
Doug Rogers (NYI 2006 Round 4)
Brian Day (NYI 2006 Round 6)
Paul Crosty (Free Agent)
Maxime Gratchev (NYI 2007 Round 4)       

Bossy Group:

Michael Mole (2006 Signed Free Agent)      
John Murray (Undrafted F.A.)

Jamie Fraser (2007 Signed Free Agent)
Andrew MacDonald (NYI 2006 Round 6)
Emil Axelsson (NYI 2004 Round 7)
Jordan Hart (Undrafted F.A.)
Martin Frechette (Undrafted F.A.)
Blake Kessel (NYI 2007 Round 6)

Blake Comeau (NYI 2004 Round 2)
Petteri Nokelainen (NYI 2004 Round 1)
Jeff Tambellini (Trade from L.A. 2006)
Kim Johansson (NYI 2006 Round 5)
Trevor Smith (2007 Signed Free Agent)
Tomas Marcinko (NYI 2006 Round 4)
Jason Gregoire (NYI 2007 Round 3)
Tyler Haskins (DET 2004 Round 5)
Justin Bourne (Undrafted F.A.)
James Marcou (Undrafted F.A.)


Jeremy Colliton (NYI 2003 Round 2)
Masi Marjamaki (NYI 2005 Round 5)
Robin Figren (NYI 2006 Round 3)

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