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NHL Network Live Game Schedule

NHL Network is your place for live games!

Watch the 2017 SAP NHL Global Series™ between the Avs and Senators, live from Stockholm on Nov. 10 and 11, and Blackhawks-Penguins on Nov. 18th. Be sure to check your local listings for the games in your area. 

Date Visitor Home Time ET Additional Info
Fri, Oct 27 Nashville Predators Chicago Blackhawks 8:30PM or Stars @ Flames
Sat, Oct 28 New York Rangers Montreal Canadiens 7:00PM or Kings @ Bruins
Sun, Oct 29 Pittsburgh Penguins Winnipeg Jets 7:00PM  
Fri, Nov 3 New Jersey Devils Edmonton Oilers 9:00PM  
Sat, Nov 4 Washington Capitals Boston Bruins 7:00PM Or Toronto at St. Louis
Sun, Nov 5 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Blackhawks 7:00PM  
Fri, Nov 10 Ottawa Senators Colorado Avalanche 2:00PM  
  Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals 7:00PM Or Boston at Toronto
Sat, Nov 11 Colorado Avalanche Ottawa Senators 1:00PM Or Edmonton at New York Rangers
  Toronto Maple Leafs Boston Bruins 7:00PM Or Chicago at Carolina
Sun, Nov 12 Edmonton Oilers Washington Capitals 7:00PM Or New Jersey at Chicago
Fri, Nov 17 New York Rangers Columbus Blue Jackets 7:00PM  
Sat, Nov 18 Chicago Blackhawks Pittsburgh Penguins 7:00PM Or Toronto at Montreal
Fri, Nov 24 Tampa Bay Lightning Washington Capitals 5:00PM  
Sat, Nov 25 Washington Capitals Toronto Maple Leafs 7:00PM Or Chicago at Florida
Sun, Nov 26 Edmonton Oilers Boston Bruins 5:00PM  
Mon, Nov 27 Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins 7:00PM Or Columbus at Montreal (7:30PM)