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Tweetmail No. 52: Birthday Spectacular

by Michael Smith / Carolina Hurricanes
Michael Smith

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Tweetmail is one-year old! It grows up so quickly.

This is a weekly feature on in which I take your Twitter questions about the Carolina Hurricanes or other assorted topics and answer them in mailbag form. Hopefully, the final product is insightful to some degree, and maybe we have some fun along the way.

Let’s get to it.

Can you explain what it means when a player is sent down for conditioning? Can every player be sent for conditioning? – Troy O.

Our first answer for an email question!

A player being sent down for conditioning is pretty simple, but as is the case on Tweetmail, we’ll consult the Collective Bargaining Agreement and sort through the legalese to help answer this question.

First, the basic definition of what the CBA refers to as a “conditioning loan”: the Loan of a Player on a Club's Active Roster, for conditioning reasons, in accordance with the terms of Section 13.8 of this Agreement.

Not a whole lot of meat there, so let’s jump to Section 13.8.

Basically, clubs can use conditioning loans to send a player to the American Hockey League – without waivers – for a period of no more than 14 days. You will find this is a common tactic when a player is returning from a prolonged injury; think of it as what baseball refers to as a rehab assignment. For example, Andrej Nestrasil played in three games with the Charlotte Checkers after missing a month with an injury. Last season, Cam Ward played two games in Charlotte after missing 14 games with a lower-body injury.

Every player, as long as they consent, can be sent down for conditioning. And since this move circumvents any waiver requirement, the commissioner can step in if he feels the club has made the move simply to evade waivers.

Who do you think will be on the move come trade deadline time? – Cody W. (@cody_wilson15)


We’re just under two weeks away from the deadline, which falls on Tuesday, March 2, also a gameday for the Hurricanes in Chicago. Assuming at least one move will be made, I would guess it might happen before March 2.

That said, exactly if or when it happens and who it involves is anyone’s best guess. It’s no secret that Andrej Sekera and Jiri Tlusty are the biggest names headed for free agency this summer. Jay McClement’s name has also been tossed into the ring.

Will at least one of those three be on the move? Maybe. Will another player be involved? Maybe. This is perhaps the most non-committal answer I can give, but no one truly knows what’s going to happen until it does. Rumors are rumors, and the Internet is not always bordering on very rarely right. Shocking, I know.

If a trade does happen between now and March 2, we’ll have you covered here on And, if you don’t already have it, snag the Canes official mobile app for your iOS or Android device and ensure you have notifications turned on to receive breaking news as it happens.

Do you feel the Canes are better now than they were a year ago? – Peace St. Bridge (@PeaceStBridge)

(Sorta weird that a bridge is asking a question, yeah?)

Yes, I do feel the Canes are better now than they were a year ago.

The standings may not support this answer (the Canes had 57 points through 56 games last season compared to 47 points in as many games this year), but I do believe the team is better positioned to become a better team now than a year ago, and I think the right coaching staff is in place to guide the team in that direction.

Jordan Staal said as much when he was returning from his injury in December.

“You can see everyone is pushing in the right direction here. It’s exciting. I’m excited about it, excited to get back and be a part of it,” he said after getting back on the ice in 2014. “I know a lot of the guys are really enjoying what’s going on, the atmosphere and the work ethic that everyone is driving each other. I’m very excited about that. I’ve seen it on the ice and in the room.”

How does #Tweetmail like to spend its birthday? – Doug A. (@dabrams2021)

As is the case every week, #Tweetmail is celebrating its first birthday amongst friends. There is e-cake and e-ice cream for all to enjoy.

But seriously, thanks to all who submit questions for this weekly feature. It obviously would not live if it weren’t for your inquiries. It’s been a fun (and hopefully informational) year. Here’s to Tweetmail No. 53 and beyond!


Join me next week for more questions and more answers!

If you have a question you’d like answered or you want to talk Oscars, you can find me on Twitter at @MSmithCanes (or drop an email here).

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