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Five Questions with Ray Whitney

by Colleen Hamilton / Carolina Hurricanes
The Carolina Hurricanes traveled back in time over the weekend, celebrating the tenth anniversary of winning the Stanley Cup. had the chance to catch up with members of the 2005-06 championship winning team to get their thoughts on returning to Raleigh, getting the family back together, playing in the fifth annual Alumni Game and more.

Here are five questions with Ray Whitney. What was it like to play in your first Alumni Game?

Ray Whitney: Getting on the ice with the guys was pretty special. Ten years is a long time. It was humbling too, in the same sense, because our pace of play wasn’t quite the same. What does celebrating the 10th anniversary mean to you?

Whitney: It means we're getting old. It's an anniversary that you celebrate - a very special one. It's just a reminder that you did something very special in a league that is not easy to win. What was it like getting the family back together for the weekend?

Whitney: I thought the Hurricanes did an amazing job for us - including our families, just like they did the year we won. It was an amazing weekend for all of us. Our kids got pictures with the Cup and stuff, so it was just a great time. Was there a moment during that season when you knew you had something special?

Whitney: We knew that probably at the end of October, November there. With the new rules, how we played, how Jim Rutherford kind of orchestrated the lineup was a team that could play well on the power play and play at a high tempo. We knew probably right after that nine-game winning streak that we were pretty good. What memories stand out most, other than winning the Stanley Cup?

Whitney: The two nine-game winning streaks stand out. The trades, getting Doug Weight and Mark Recchi, were very impactful for our team. Most of all, outside of the game was probably the pace of our practices and how we practiced as a group, how hard we worked, how much we as a group liked to work hard - that’s not the case necessarily with everybody.

The picture we took on the ice at the end of it with everybody on the ice - your family, your parents, everybody - I think it’s the first and only time that’s happened. I can’t stress enough - it's not a cliche, it's an actual fact - that is one of the reasons we won, because of our image of each other as a family. It was just a very special moment for all of us.

Colleen Hamilton
COLLEEN HAMILTON is the Marketing Coordinator for the Carolina Hurricanes.

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