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Community: Skate with the Canes FAQ

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
The annual Kids ‘N Community Foundation Fundraiser, Skate With the Canes, is just a few days away. I wanted to put out a few details for those of you lucky enough to be attending. 

Doug Warf
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This year’s event has returned to sell out status and that is great news for the Kids ‘N Community Foundation. The 600 attendees will be broken evenly into three groups. The three groups will rotate from stations that feature autographs, locker room photos and skating. As you probably know, the players will also be broken into three groups, and they will rotate in the opposite direction of the Caniac attendees, thus allowing each group of players one station with each group of attendees. 

Here are some questions I have been receiving:

Has anything changed about the event for this year? Yes, there is one big change and one minor change.

The big change is that the photo session will take place within the Hurricanes locker room. The past four years, fans have toured through the locker room and then taken photos with the players in the west priority lounge at two staged locations. This year, there will be two photo areas within the Hurricanes locker room.

One will be in the main locker area, and the second will be in the weight room. This will be a little crowded, but I think our attendees can handle the traffic maze we will set up, and more importantly, I think it will provide a very unique photo for everyone attending.

The minor change is that we will be adding a 50/50 raffle. Obviously, it is not mandatory to participate, but it is something that can help raise more money for the Kids ‘N Community Foundation while adding some excitement to the event. The winner will be announced during the “third rotation” of the event.

What time do doors open? Attendees can enter the EAST entrance beginning at 5:15PM Monday. The event will begin at 6PM and should conclude by 8:30PM.

What time is practice? Is practice closed to the public? Practice will begin roughly at 4PM Monday afternoon. Due to the event, practice will be closed to the public. If players are still practicing at 5:15, event attendees are welcome to watch. 

Can I bring my own skates? Yes, this is encouraged if you have them but not mandatory to skate. We do borrow skates from a local ice rink. However, we can not fully ensure their fit and comfort. 

Can I bring a bag for my skates? Yes, you can bring a bag that you carry your skates and other necessary items. However, for safety reasons, you can’t bring that bag on the ice with you.

Can I bring items with me on the ice? Aside from a camera, the only thing you can bring on the ice is hockey equipment that you are wearing (helmet, gloves, etc.).   It might be your life-long dream to have a picture of you and your framed picture of Stormy on the ice, but that will need to happen at another event. 

What if I don’t/can’t skate? Due to safety concerns, only attendees with skates will be allowed on the ice. However, the glass around the northwest portion of the ice is removed to allow easier access to player’s who skate up to the side. The Hurricanes home bench is also an open option for attendees who do not choose to skate. 

Can I leave the ice early? Yes, many fans only skate for 20-25 minutes. However, if you do leave the ice early, that does not mean you get in early at the photo session. You can get in line outside of the locker room door, but I would encourage you to hang around the rink walls as many players skate to the side. 

Can I get autographs outside of the autograph section? No, the autograph section is the only one of the three where you are guaranteed an autograph. That does not mean that autographs do not happen at other stations…but they are not encouraged or guaranteed. 

That will especially be true at the photograph section this year as proper flow will be needed to ensure that everyone in the group receives time for both photos. Also, due to the restrictions of what can be brought on the ice, autographs during the ice portion are limited. 

Do I need a ticket to attend with my kids? Yes, everyone in attendance needs to have a ticket. The size of the event is vitally important to making sure that everyone receives an opportunity at each station. 

How will I know my group? Your ticket has a group name on it (red, blue or green). You will check-in at your appropriate table on the east concourse, where you will be given a wrist band that corresponds with that color. Again, each group has 200 people, so it will be important that you stay with your assigned group to ensure the proper flow of each section. 

Do I receive a unique item for attending? Yes, for the second year in a row, you actually get two. You will receive a unique poster that is perfect for autographs (especially useful if you forget to bring something for some reason). You will also receive a new knit hat. This year’s hat is red with black trim and features the “heart” logo of the Kids ‘N Community Foundation. 

What players will be in what groups? We will not know the final groupings until Monday after practice.

How will my group rotate? Barring any changes, the groups are scheduled to rotate like this:
Red Line Group
Blue Line Group
Goalie Green Group
6:00 – 6:45
Locker Room Photos
6:50 – 7:35
Locker Room Photos
7:40 – 8:25
Locker Room Photos

Times are subject to starting at 6:00PM. If we start slightly later, times will be adjusted accordingly.

What else is at the event? There is a concession stand open with complimentary pizza, hot dogs, popcorn and beverages available. Also in attendance will be Canes favorites like Stormy, the Storm Squad and Ron the Ref. On the east concourse, you will also find a small trading card set-up, face painters and possibly the Canes inflatable slap shot booth. 

Thanks again to everyone in attendance. We hope that you have a terrific time and enjoy interacting with the players while knowing you are helping the Kids ‘N Community Foundation do great work in our area.

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