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Community: Player Beards, Superstitions, Etc.

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
Player Beards

Well, in just 6 days, donations to player’s beards went from $127 to $1,560.17. That kind of increase is as awesome as the ‘Canes crowd was last night…well, almost as awesome as that crowd.

Doug Warf
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Since I last updated the player totals and rankings on April 22nd, there has been some shifting. 

The new donation leader is Nic Wallin. Who knew he would also be the secret weapon to fundraising, currently raising just over $262. Tuomo Ruutu also hit his way towards the top of the list as he is now in second (one spot up) with over $226 currently raised. Chad LaRose  is still hustling but slipped from first to third in the last week with just over $212 raised.

The biggest movers in the positive direction were Ray Whitney and Dennis Seidenberg. Both Ray and Dennis were tied for 13th on April 22 with a whopping $8 raised. Ray is currently in 5th with $94.50 and Dennis is right behind him in 6th with $86 (4 point nights never hurt).

Scott Walker, who has hit every New Jersey player in his way, Erik Cole and Sergei Samsonov each dropped 5 spots. Scottie dropped from 4th to tied for 9th as his dollar amount went from $58 to $63. Erik and Sergei went from tied for 9th with $29 each to a five way tie for last (14th) with $31.50. I am sure a timely goal in game seven could help the Canes and their Beard-a-thon status. Hey - maybe if you donate before Game 7, it will help jumpstart them.

Who Wears it Best
Guys - don’t pretend like you don’t sneak a look at your wife or girlfriends US Weekly to see who wore it best. Thank goodness they don’t do that to guys in suits (or maybe they do and I just skip over that). 

According to the beard “puck” ratings, there are four players who are currently receiving 3 pucks out of 5 (highest rating on team). Those four Canes are Wallin, Ruutu, Larose and Ward. 

According to the same meter, there are 5 Canes with a 1 puck rating. Those Canes are Seidenberg (I disagree), Staal, Pitkanen, Samsonov, and Jokinen.   No big surprise that all four of those guys have light blonde hair. Honestly, I am not sure if Joni is still participating. If he is still participating, either we can’t get a good angle picture, or he saves a lot of money each year on razors as he does not grow facial hair fast/at all. 

Personal Thoughts on Player’s Beards
I agree with most of those receiving a three puck rating. However, where are Cole and Cullen? I think Cole and Wallin are in a tight battle for team’s best beard, and could possibly be worthy of a fourth puck. I think Cullen and Bayda are close behind…and Matt could catch Nic and Erik. 

I think Samsonov and Seidenberg should at least be “2’s”, especially if a certain defensive pair who have been playing very well are each 2’s. 

Blogger Beard-Off
I have updated the Blogger Beard-Off page as well.  There are four strikingly handsome creatures on this page…each with a decent beard. I think Mike Sundheim is giving me a great run on the actual beard growing. His looks too perfect on the sides, but he claims he is not trimming the actual beard.

Jon Chase is giving me a big run on the fundraising side. I am currently at $647, but I will need a push to keep Jon Chase in second place on fundraising. I updated my page today in attempt to help:    (yes, that is a shameless plug…but it’s for a good cause).

What are your superstitions? I am a person who never really had superstitions growing up. As an athlete, I had a few “rituals”, but nothing I thought was superstitious. Apparently that has changed.

I am now carrying a lucky coin that was given to me by a young Canadian Canes fan at the end of the season, wearing bracelets from “Team Connor” (from Connor, our friend from Make-A-Wish earlier this year) and from Jimmy V Foundation (Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up). 

After our game 3 home loss, I thought about things I did in ’06. Since I was in a different job position at that time, I was always with the anthem singer before the game. Before Game 4, I returned to the 115 anthem vomitory to tell KK good luck. Prior to puck drop, I also made a trip to Canesvision (another staple in ’06). Since both worked for game 4, I did them all again last night. 

What are you doing these days?   What did you do in ’06 that you might be able to bring back for Game 7? The key is don’t do anything too ridiculous…because if it works, you are stuck with it for what could be a couple more months. 

Positive Mojo
I often say that our community focused standpoint is something that comes from the top down. That was never more evident than this Saturday morning. 

I joined Leslie Rutherford’s team for the MS Walk (Leslie is the wife of Jim Rutherford, our team’s president and general manager). Leslie had done a great job on fundraising and recruitment. All of the coaches wives who were in town were present, as well as a few other Canes staff members and friends. The team raised over $7,000. 

However, the true sign was that Jim Rutherford walked a mile with everyone as well. He would have walked more, but he needed to do a little thing like watch Saturday’s practice. 

I thought it was really cool that in a very hectic time, Jim took the time to not only donate to the great cause, but personally support it by walking. Personally, it’s that kind of mojo that really helps win games.

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