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Community: Going Bald

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
I have a big head. It took me a long time to come to terms with this statement, but I am able to deal with it now. 

Doug Warf
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In middle school, I was a little more sensitive about it as my large cranium was a little less-proportioned to my body and middle school kids can be cruel…even if they are just kidding. By high school I was not as sensitive, but it did not stop the friendly jabs. By college, I was even elected/voted (not many on the card) as the Vice President of the Big Head Club. Long story short, heads like mine are why they had to change the tags on flex fit hats from “fits all heads” to “fits most heads.”

Why am I openly talking about this? Well, I am stepping VERY far out of my comfort zone and getting my head shaved at Thursday’s St. Baldrick’s event here at the RBC Center.

Over the past three years I have helped coordinate some of our St. Baldrick’s efforts. Each year, I have seen several Canes lose their locks to raise money for pediatric cancer research while showing solidarity with those kids who are fighting cancer. I vividly remember Aaron Ward getting his head shaved at the downtown Hibernian four years ago. I broke into a cold sweat just watching him that day.

As I have continued to work in community relations I have had the amazing opportunity to meet or see so many kids who battle against pediatric cancer. A vast majority of these kids are able to win that battle and return to just being a kid. However, there are a few cases where you meet an inspirational kid at an event one year only to find at next year’s event that he lost his battle. For that kid, all you can do is help further the research of pediatric cancer while showing solidarity in the fact that bald is beautiful (even if larger than average).

It is with that kid in mind that I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I ask you to join me. St. Baldrick’s does a terrific job of funding grants that help eradicate pediatric cancer. Last year alone they donated research grants in excess of $12 million nationwide. Even better, a lot of that money stays in the area as Duke, UNC and Wake Forest all receive grants from St. Baldrick’s.   

We are near our 100 participants for Thursday’s event and we will extend the offer of a free pair of tickets to all shavees to include at least another 50 bald heads. The tickets we currently have are in the lower level north. I think it would be great to look down at that area filled with bald heads. 

Another personal aside: I did not want to shave unless it was going to raise decent money for St. Baldrick’s (my quick goal was $400). So, I built my page and sent an initial e-mail out to my close family saying that the clippers were in their hands. All I got back were e-mails telling me that they would donate, but that our family often loses the follicle battle and that I should not willingly depart with my hair. I then turned to about 10 close friends…within two hours I had my $400. Sometimes you need that push…making the page and seeing my friends rally behind this great cause (and the thought of my bulbous bald head) was my push. Hopefully you can find yours.

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