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Community: Beard Etiquette and Game 7

by Doug Warf / Carolina Hurricanes
On to round two and time to tighten up….the beard that is.

Doug Warf
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Beard Upkeep Ideology
First, let me state that I know there are about 100 different interpretations of the hockey playoff beard growing process. I base my knowledge off a few conversations I have had with people who have played the game and won Cups while participating in the tradition…and even with those folks, the theories vary.

Here are the three main theories I have compiled. 

  1. The Purist - No shaving at all - This one is simple, don’t touch your face or your neck until your team is out of the playoffs.   This is the “true” method…but can be a bit difficult for the non-hockey player community.
  2. The Follically Challenged - Shaving after wins – The story goes, a now retired player did not grow a presentable beard during his playing days. He was given permission to shave ONLY after wins. Side note: his bad beard was a result of a few facial scars from sticks and pucks…yours might just be an inability to grow…whatever…same rules apply. 
  3. The Business Man (or wannabe business man) - #1 with options - Shaving the neck after wins - In 2006, a lot of us “amended” option number 2 to allow us to shave the neck portion after playoff game wins. This does a lot to clean up the look of the beard and make it a little more presentable for meetings, dinners, weddings, etc. However, this is only after wins. Despite a couple of meetings, I kept some nasty neck growth going as I shaved the night after game 4 and could not shave again until after we won game 6.
    1. Trimming after each series - This is something some of us did in 2006 to prevent frightening small children and potential clients. PLEASE NOTE the word “trim”. DO NOT SHAVE YOUR BEARD AFTER EACH ROUND…just a slight trim. I used the setting of “4” on my beard trimmer last night, which equated to about a ½ centimeter cut. Whatever you do, it should involve a beard trimmer with a guard (not a razor…that is cutting it too short).   The goal is to get all the scraggly hair to an even length. Don’t worry, it will be back to scraggly before you know it.

I obviously choose option 3 (lame, I know) since I am a stand-in/stunt double for a business man…but whatever you do, the bottom line is to keep up what you are doing.

Looking Back at Round One (Doug = 1 for 1)
What an amazing round. There are not many match-ups where you get to see two overtime games, one game decided literally in the final second and a game seven that is decided later in regulation than any other game 7. That does not mean that if we continue to advance, the other rounds will not be special.

Another personal aside- I was lucky enough to be invited to Game 7 in New Jersey by a friend. Having worked here for a while now, I have actually never seen the Canes play on the road. I have had opportunities, but usually I have to turn them down due to the fact I have had work duties in Raleigh, or the travel time prohibited me from going. What a lucky game for all the stars to align. 

Their new building is very fan-friendly and has some really cool features. Their fans were involved and loud, but not as loud as the Caniacs. I was disappointed to hear how many of their fans quickly went from chanting “Marrr-tyyy” with about 2 minutes to go, to yelling things I can’t write in this blog at Marty during the handshake line. I understand frustration, but it is important keep things in perspective (and remember the kids). 

However, they did have a lot of nice things to say about the Canes. Many fans felt like we were a feisty team that scared them from the start of the series and that Ward was a terrific goalie. It was nice to hear them giving some love to our team.  

I think there is a lot of mutual respect between the two teams…which I think is the main reason why our fans bases remain cordial with each other even though we have met them in the playoffs four times in the last nine years.

If this series goes to seven games, I will need to find some way to get to Boston to keep the mojo alive.

Enjoy game one of the Eastern Conference Semifinals (sounds better than round 2).

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