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by Staff Writer / Carolina Hurricanes

RALEIGH (May 24, 2001) -- Doubters never believed that the Carolina Hurricanes could meet its goal to nearly double its season ticket base to 12,000 for 2001-02. Well, don’t look now, but the Canes are knocking on the door.

With one week remaining in the NHL All-Star Crusade Hurricanes President and Chief Operating Officer Jim Cain announced that the organization has sold 10,120 season ticket equivalents.

“We have some work to do to get to 12,000 in the next seven days,” said Cain.

Cain went on to thank President Temple Sloan of General Parts for Sloan’s company’s commitment of 64 season ticket equivalents.

“Their purchase of 64 season ticket equivalents has really set the pace,” said Doug Piper, executive vice president of business operations for the Hurricanes.

Cain then laid out the plan for the organization to reach the 12,000 season ticket goal by the target date next Thursday, May 31.

“A couple of key things are going on,” said Cain. “First and foremost, it’s the select-a-seat process – an open-house where people can come in and pick out their individual seats. They see what seats are left based on the tags that are there.

“Secondly, we have about 2,500 equivalents out in proposals to corporations around the Triangle. The Friends of the Hurricanes, headed by Jim Goodmon and the Hurricanes front office are trying to close those 2,500 commitments.”

The Hurricanes launched the NHL All-Star Crusade March 28 following NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s commitment to bring the All-Star Game to Raleigh within five years of the franchise achieving its goal.

“The All-Star Game would bring about a $20 million impact to the Triangle,” said Cain. “Some 9,000 hotel room nights – broadcast in some 140 countries around the world -- a significant impact.

“We know that the All-Star Game is a one-time event. You may have also heard about the Hurricanes’ commitment to give $1 million back to the community once we’ve reached 12,000. We’re excited about that particularly because that commitment puts money back into the educational systems and the needs we have in Wake and Durham and Orange counties.”

The Hurricanes began the season ticket drive with at 6,302 – last season’s base.

“When we kicked the campaign off we announced that we had significant commitments from Glaxo, Touchstone Energy and Blue Cross / Blue Shield who gave us 500 equivalents that first day of the drive,” said Cain. “We actually said on May 1 that we had 6,800.

“We’ve seen a significant impact from the playoffs,” said Cain. “It’s no secret that those ‘magical six days,’ as (Hurricanes coach) Paul Maurice says, of the playoff drive gave us a great momentum for our crusade.”

The NHL All-Star Crusade wraps up next Thursday. If the Canes meet their goal Carolina should host the NHL All-Star Game by 2006.

But first things first. There’s still 1,880 tickets to sell and seven days left to sell them. Then, on June 1, the Hurricanes ticketing department, the Friends of the Canes, Cain and Piper can all breathe a little easier.

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