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An Afternoon at Durham Nativity School

by Mary Catherine Benson / Carolina Hurricanes

This Fall, the Kids 'N Community Foundation provided one of the tools necessary for Durham Nativity School's middle school accreditation: a library.

Mary Catherine Benson
Actually, it's an e-library. The Nativity School has found a good deal on a certain brand of e-readers that will allow them to use its grant funds to purchase one device for every student; their English teacher is beyond ecstatic. The e-readers will provide exposure to more interactive forms of learning and expand curriculum to include a variety of texts.

As I toured the facility, each student was polite, introduced themselves, shook my head, made eye contact and said thank you! Brandon, a seventh grader, talked to me a little about how excited he is to get his e-reader. He is excelling at Durham Nativity and is planning on applying to boarding school. When I asked why he wanted to go to boarding school, he simply replied that it would offer more opportunities. And the staff is committed to making sure that Brandon has all the support he needs, regardless of his family’s financial status.

I cannot wait to go back when the e-readers come in; English class is never going to be the same! Stay tuned …

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