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'READ' about the Devils

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
Follow Flyers rookie Matt Read as he enters his first Stanley Cup Playoffs. Matt will be keeping this exclusive blog presented by Anexinet through the Flyers entire playoff run.

DAYS 15-16: Apr. 25-26

Yesterday it was kind of rainy and cold outside, so I didn't go out much. I took the time to clean up my place and watch TV, and I think I played video games for about 10 hours too!

I like to play with my little brother. Even though we're far apart, we connect through the X-BOX Live. We're playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 right now and it's cool because we can talk to each other through the mic system.

After cooking a steak and potato dinner for myself, I started flipping through the channels quite a bit last night going from everything to movies, to the hockey games to music, but I settled in on both games because when you think about it, two  Game 7s in hockey, it's the last line for one of those teams and both teams are out there fighting for every inch. It's fun hockey to watch.

It's interesting for me to watch on TV one of the teams you're going to be playing. After the Rangers game I knew we would be playing either the Panthers or Devils so as much as I've always loved and watched hockey as a kid and growing up, I find myself taking mental notes since the reality is that I'll be playing against these teams and players.

I try to take away the tendencies of teams and players, so when I am playing the team or in this case the series, I have in the back of my mind what they're trying to do out there. I think it gets me more prepared.

Playing that first series vs. Penguins, I'll admit I was a little nervous with it being my first playoff game, but now after going through that series I'm really anxious and excited more than anything to get it going again, especially since we get to start this one at home…

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