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Primeau Not Going to Finland

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers center Keith Primeau, who planned on going to Finland to train with a team there, has decided not to make the trip but will continue to work to try and recover from his concussion symptoms in time for the start of the 2006-07 season.

Below is a Q and A with Primeau conducted on Tuesday, July 18 regarding his decision.

Keith Primeau: "At the conclusion of our season and with the progress I had made at the end of the year heading into the summer, and after discussions with Ken Hitchcock, we felt it was best that I went to Europe at some point during the summer to do some conditioning having missed all of last year and the year before. So, I made arrangements to go over and practice with Sami [Kapanen's] Division One team in Finland. Earlier in the summer, that was my plan."

Q: Did you ever intend to play with them, or just practice?
KP: "Just practice. It was going to be four weeks of just practice in an attempt to get my skating legs underneath me and to venture into some contact."

Q: Last week you were examined by [Flyers team physician] Dr. Gary Dorshimer. Did that examination influence your decision in any way?
KP: "I had made my decision not to go to Finland before visiting with Dr. Dorshimer. I just felt that the day was fast approaching and that I wasn't at a point where I was ready to head over there in the middle of August. After visiting with Dr. Dorshimer last week, all he did was re-confirm my decision."

Q: How can you describe your feelings heading into the season?
KP: "It's cautious. I don't like to use the word concerned, but I'm nervous. I have some residual pressure in my head and I continue to feel as though I get better, and I believe I'm on the last stretch of my concussion symptoms, but I just don't know when the remainder of my symptoms are going to disappear. I'm still under no timeframe, but from a return standpoint I do feel the pressure to make a decision in order for the team to be able to move forward."

Q: What is the decision you have to make?
KP: "Basically, what happens now? I am going to make one more attempt to get myself prepared to play this season, but I also understand that I'm running out of time for opportunities or chances to get myself ready to play. Not from a physical standpoint, but from a health standpoint. I won't make any decisions one way or the other until I give myself that one more opportunity."
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