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My first camp... with Travis Konecny

by Travis Konecny / Philadelphia Flyers

Throughout the week of Development Camp Travis Konecny, will be keeping an exclusive blog on Read about what the club’s First Round Pick at #24 has to say about his experience coming into a new organization on and off the ice… 
Click below for previous entries:

  • DAY 1: Arrival, Meet & Greet
  • DAY 2: Trial on the Isle
  • DAYS 3 & 4: Back on the Ice

  • JULY 11 & 12: LEAVING CAMP

    Hi everyone… well this is my last update but I wanted to say thanks again for taking the time to follow me during camp. The fan support has been awesome all week long!

    I had a 7:30 flight this morning back to Toronto, then it was back to my hometown from there, so it was a very early morning. Although, that’s nothing new - this entire week has been early morning wake up calls. You kind of get used to it as a hockey player.

    It’s been a long, hard week with a lot of hockey and a lot of work, but at the end of the day it’s what you need to do to make the next step to the NHL. So a camp like this is really valuable in giving you every advantage and opportunity to put that work in.

    As for the learning part, there wasn’t really one or two things that I found stood out. What I noticed was everything. You learn something new every single day that you’re here. Whether it’s training in the gym or eating right and even skills and other drills that you do on the ice that you can take with you and work on even during practices through the rest of summer, and during the year to use it to your advantage.

    The other way I learned a lot was from my teammates. There are good guys here at this camp and the veteran guys really help you learn what they learned a few years ago. They’re going really hard at this camp. They make sure they finish each drill and are competing the entire time. They definitely lead by example. Below is a pic of a few fun field games we played on the last day...

    Back to the ice - We were grouped together by position in the beginning but we were combined into forwards and d-men which brought camp to a different level. It also got us ready for the 3 on 3 tournament.

    It was really competitive, but at the same time it was nice to take some time and enjoy showing off a little skill. It was a good way to end the week.

    What made it really cool was that it was at the end of the week when you know all the guys better so it was awesome to play with and against them, especially considering we had a Fantasy Draft and were chosen by the captains.

    The guys really got into it. Some got up to shake hands with the person that drafted them; some got up and took draft pictures like they were up on stage at a real draft. It was really enjoyable and the coaches really let us have fun with it. Once you get drafted and the teams are set, it makes you really want to beat them and have some laughs afterwards.

    The best part of the week for me was getting comfortable with all the guys and my new teammates. We’re all here doing the same thing. We’re trying to develop and become better players to make it to the NHL.

    When you realize that, you start to have fun and joke around with the guys and enjoy your time here. As for me, I’ll definitely keep in touch with them well past this camp and during our seasons playing for different teams.

    That’s it for me. I’m looking forward to seeing that same great support and everyone at the rink in the Fall at Training Camp.


    JULY 9 & 10: BACK ON THE ICE

    Hey everyone… It’s good to be back on the ice after the Trial on the Isle. We were all tired from that day, but the bus ride back there was a lot more talking since we went through an entire day outside together.

    I came in here and I knew one guy - Brett McKenzie from playing against him and playing with him a bit. Rooming with Provorov, I’ve been getting to know him a lot better too. Now deeper into camp, I can especially see the guys are getting to know each other better and better.
    Me and Brett McKenzie take a break on the ice

    There’s not a lot of downtime in this camp. The coaches and staff have us going from one session to the next, whether it be off-ice conditioning, meetings or seminars on various topics. So I haven’t gotten to see the city of Philadelphia much or even around here in Voorhees.

    Today was pretty interesting. We met with a nutritionist, who not only gave a presentation and discussed eating healthy but we actually walked over to the supermarket and went aisle-by-aisle to show us everything. Not so much the good food, but showing the stuff that’s bad for us. It can be something as little as a different brand of the same food that can make a difference.

    I’ve always watched the way I eat and growing up my family has been pretty healthy but it’s good to also find out which foods to eat at what times, especially when preparing and recovering after games. So I still did learn about a lot of stuff like fats and sugars.

    There’s definitely things they say you should have at certain times. They say to drink a lot of water, but then during and after games you can have a sport drinks - that’s when they’re best to be used, not just when you’re walking around and are thirsty.

    Camp is a little different this afternoon. The groups are combined with forwards and defensemen. So far we’ve been separated so I’m interested to see how it will go with everything combined. More on that later in the week...

    On Wednesday I also did an interview with the media - you can check it out below... Thanks again for reading!



    Hey Flyers fans… well I feel like I know you better already! Going through the Trial on the Isle I was amazed at the fan support out there and surprised that you can really get up close and talk to the fans during this day.

    Wake up call was about 6 o’clock this morning and soon after I met a couple of the guys downstairs of the hotel for breakfast, then got to the rink around 6:30. Better to be early than late for a 7 o’clock bus.

    I didn’t know what to expect for today. I knew we were coming to the beach to do activities - that’s pretty much it. When we got down here we got changed at the firehouse and then made our way to the beach where it seemed like we did a marathon.

    There was a lot of running, some activities but I think the toughest part was at the end when we did a series of burpees and pushups, then ran again down the beach to do 10 more burpees, run, then do nine, eight and go all the way down to zero.

    What was really awesome was to see the fans out here today. You hear a lot about Flyers fans and how they come out to the rink to watch us, but to follow us all the way down here and come down at eight-nine in the morning and follow us all day, and just dedicate their time to us, it’s really cool to see in person.

    Another aspect of today that was really good when i look back on it, was that it’s a great bonding day with the guys on the team. From being all together on the bus ride down and doing teamwork exercises to accomplish a goal, it makes it a lot easier of a transition into a new organization and I feel more comfortable with all of the guys now than at the beginning of the day.

    I’d say if there’s one thing that stood out to me it’s when we first arrived on the sand and locked our arms together and walked into the water. It was freezing cold but we got up to about our shoulders before coming back out to start the competition.

    Tomorrow is back on the ice, so I hope to see everyone out there.



    Hey Flyers fans, I’ll be keeping this blog all week, so hopefully you’ll enjoy following me during my first NHL camp.

    It’s been quite an adventure in the past two weeks, so I don’t even know where to begin… Since the draft it’s been crazy with my family and all of my friends catching up with me. For me, it didn’t really set in but now it’s finally hit me - I’m at development camp and I’m at the rink seeing all the Philadelphia Flyers stuff around here.

    You definitely notice a difference once you’ve been drafted, you notice little things like social media and people start following you.

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    After the draft I flew back home with my family to Clachan, Ontario and I received an email with instructions and travel plans to attend camp. It was pretty cool, they let you know what’s going on with the team, camp and what to expect.

    As soon as I landed in Philly I came to the rink and dropped off my equipment and then we did a routine weigh-in with the medical staff and headshot photos were taken before heading back to the hotel. I already know my roommate from this year’s draft - I’m rooming with Ivan Provorov.

    There wasn’t really an introduction meeting with all the players. It’s kind of up to us to interact and get to know your teammates. When you think about it, it’s a fairly similar situation for everyone - we’re all in the same boat, most of us are new so we have to get to know each other. The coaches did come in and introduce themselves as well as the rest of the staff so we could put a face to the name and know their roles.

    Getting back to today, we did some fitness testing in the morning, both on and off the ice. We also did a lot of skills work. It was fun and it gave a good taste of what the rest of the week will be like.

    It was good to get back on the ice. I’ve been fortunate because I skate a lot when I’m home so I didn’t feel too rusty out there today, but it was nice to be out there with new teammates and the guys who will be around in the Flyers system.

    This week I’m really hoping to learn the little things about being a professional hockey player such as eating properly, being prepared and sticking to a tight schedule. These are long days, so learning how to maintain your energy and concentration is important.

    As for tomorrow at Trial on the Isle, I have no idea what to expect. All I know is we’re heading down to the beach, playing volleyball and we get to interact a little more with the fans so I’m looking forward to it.

    That’s all for today, but thanks for taking the time to follow. I’ll catch up with you again tomorrow.


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