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JVR shows some skills

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center was a great big thank you and happy holidays to Flyers fans of all ages.

The Flyers participated in a very light-hearted, sometimes serious, competition to show off their skills in front of over 11,000 people.


Wed, Dec 22 - 7:00pm - TCN
Thu, Dec 23 - 6:30pm - CSN
Fri, Dec 24 - 8:00pm - TCN
Sat, Dec 25 - 7:00pm - CSN
Sun, Dec 26 - 2:00pm - CSN
Mon, Dec 27 - 7:30pm - CSN
Mon, Dec 27 - 9:00pm - TCN

“I think it’s a good event for the fans,” Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette said. “You know, you get to see the players on a lighter side and you get to see them without their helmets on.  They’re a good group of guys.  To go out and have some fun on the ice like that, I think is good for the fans and good for the players.”
Players salute the fans for their support and coming out.
One part of the players that fans, and even some coaches got to see, was the surprising shot of sophomore forward James van Riemsdyk.

JVR was the only player to participate in all six events, but it was the hardest shot competition that turned heads. With his teammates ranging from 93 mph to the highest 98 mph, van Riemsdyk fired off a shot that recorded at 101.5 mph on the radar gun.

“Yeah, I never really take slap shots,” said van Riemsdyk. “I didn’t know what to expect and never really had my shot read by a radar gun too so that’s fun, and I definitely surprised myself a little.”
His second attempt proved no fluke, hitting 100.8 mph.

Van Riemsdyk also defeated Nikolay Zherdev in the one-on-one Puck Control Relay Event as well.

Among the winners circle of each event were Scott Hartnell, who took the accuracy shooting contest by hitting all four targets in five shots (4-for-5).

The Fastest Skater edge went to Andreas Nodl, who in one full circle of the ice, recorded a time of 14.096, edging out van Riemsdyk by .022 to take first place.

Team White defeated Team Orange in the Power Play Event by a two goals to one goal margin, while Team Orange came back to win the Breakaway Relay by a 4-3 margin.

Overall Team Orange took home the victory by a 10-8 score and I’m sure there was much more bragging rights at stake that the final score, but the real victory was for the fans and organization as a whole.

"I bonded a little bit with the fans that showed up and we had a pretty good practice before that, very intense, but after that it was all about having fun."

Having fun is something the Flyers should get used to. After all, they still sit in first place in NHL and they are about to get a lot of bonding in as they embark on a five-game, 10-day road trip the day after Christmas.

“Well, it’s a big stretch. There’s the swing and then there’s all the road games coming up here, nine out of ten,” said Laviolette. “It’s a chance for us to get out.  I think as hard as road trips can be sometimes, they can be really good for your team.  You can really solidify your team as a group.  You can do some things on the road that you don’t get to do at home. You simplify it a little bit and it’s, more or less, just hockey.  So, at times road trips can be a good thing.  You have to win the games, but it’s a chance for your team to get out together.”

Final score: Team Orange 10 – Team White 8

Relay Race

Team White (Giroux/Briere/Zherdev) defeated Team Orange (Leino/Nodl/van Riemsdyk)


James van Riemsdyk (Team Orange) defeated Nikolay Zherdev (Team White)

Orange 1 – White 1

Team Orange                    Team White

van Riemsdyk: 14.118        Coburn: 14.640

Bartulis: 15.250                  Powe: 14.651

Nodl: 14.096                       Zherdev: 14.607

Average: 14.488                 Average: 14.632

Orange 3 – White 1

Team Orange                         Team White

Meszaros: 98.6                       Coburn: 95.7

Carter: 95.7                             Hartnell: 95.8

van Riemsdyk: 101.5              Carcillo: 94.0

Bartulis: 95.0                          Powe: 90.9

Average: 97.7                         Average: 94.1

Orange 5 – White 1


Team Orange                  Team White

Timonen: 4 for 7              Briere: 4 for 6

Carter: 3 for 8                  Carle: 4 for 6

Nodl: 3 for 7                     Hartnell: 4 for 5

Total: 10 for 22                Total: 12 for 17

Orange 5 – White 3

Team Orange                                                        Team White

Round 1                                                                 Round 1

Timonen/van Riemsdyk/Leino – 0 goals                Giroux/Briere/Zherdev – 2 goals

Round 2                                                                 Round 2

Nodl/Betts/Shelley – 1 goal                                   Powe/Carcillo/Hartnell – 0 goals

Orange 6 – White 5


Team Orange                      Team White

Round 1                               Round 1

van Riemsdyk – 1                Giroux – 0

Leino – 0                             Zherdev – 0

Shelley – 0                          Coburn – 1

Round 2                              Round 2

Meszaros – 2                      Briere – 1

van Riemsdyk – 1               Carcillo – 1

Timonen – 0                        Powe – 0

Round 3                              Round 3

Nodl – 0                              Hartnell - 0

Betts – 0                             Carle – 0

Bartulis – 0                         O’Donnell – 0

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