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by Anthony SanFilippo / Philadelphia Flyers

PHILADELPHIA – It’s rare when opposing coaches get on the bandwagon but when things are going as well as they are for the Flyers, sometimes, they just can’t help themselves.

Enter former coach Ken Hitchcock, who as bench boss of the St. Louis Blues and one of the favorites to be playing for Lord Stanley’s Cup out of the Western Conference is a surefire bet to be a finalist for the Jack Adams Award as NHL coach of the year, weighed in on the state of the Flyers from his perch in St. Louis.

He looks at the way the Flyers play and he sees a “dangerous” team.

Craig Berube has them playing with a real commitment to the checking game,” he said. “They’re really playing as a team that is a sum of its parts. That’s a credit to him as a coach and his staff.

“They’re a team no one is going to want to play in the Eastern Conference. They’re going to be a bear in the playoffs.”

Before you just dismiss this as just one coach’s opinion, let me point out that a couple years ago, when the Los Angeles Kings were a No. 8 seed in the West, it was Hitchcock who said, “L.A. plays the way you have to play to win the Stanley Cup in today’s game.”

He’s a student of the game and sees something special in this Flyers group.

So we welcome Hitch on the Bandwagon… unless we have to play his Blues in the finals, in which case, we’ll politely kick him out as we drive under the Arch.

As for the fans….

You guys are starting to climb on board the #FlyersBandwagon.

For example, Brian Zanni from Amherst, N.Y. tweeted to me first as soon as I posted the bandwagon blog, saying he never leaves the bandwagon because he bleeds orange.

Sounds good Brian. Be sure to remind me to pull over at the Anchor Bar to grab some original Buffalo wings for the trip.

Liz Pierson wants on the bandwagon because these Flyers inspire her with their never-say-die attitude. Good enough for me Liz. You’re on the bandwagon. And you can drive when we face the tough traffic and it feels like we’re not getting anywhere.

Brian Lowy has been working on the bandwagon since 1969. He’s got a little more grey hair now than he did then, but it’s always good to have a veteran fan on board to remind us of the team history so we aren’t doomed to repeat it. Welcome aboard!

One of my frequent tweeters @KellyDaBunny says she’s been locked in the trunk since last April. When the playoffs start this April she’s going to break out like a whirling dervish. I wouldn’t expect less from someone representing Delco. Just make sure there’s room in there for all our luggage Kelly. We’re going to need it for this long ride.

Finally, Amanda from Lancaster checked in. She insisted she’s been on our bandwagon since before it was cool.

I question that Amanda. After all, when has it been uncool?

I kid. Welcome to the bandwagon. And thanks for the shoo-fly pie.

Also on board this weekend: @NVerschoor, A.J. Emmons, @vgp100, Antony DiDonato, @OneAndOnlyScoop, @DenimChicken28, Debbie Linthorst, James Perdue, Jon Quattlebaum, @Barrsanity, Frankie Matus, Andrew McEntee, Michael Blaszczyk, Paul Dziomba, Matt Brauckmann, Taylor Mullin, Jason Williams, Kyle and Greg Zahour, @MackDomann, @przasa1 and college hockey writer extraordinaire Ken Schott.

You want on the bandwagon? Tweet to me @InsideTheFlyers and we’ll welcome you aboard.

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