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ENTRY 3: Free Agency Moves & Time to Compete

by Jay O'Brien @Jay_OBrien19

Hey Everyone, let's get caught up on the last couple of days, but I have to start with Sunday's Free Agency. I have to admit even though we're busy with non-stop events at camp, I was following the news all day in the NHL on TV's up here in the room and twitter.

Obviously Tavares was the biggest announcement to come out but that's to be expected, but van Riemsdyk to the Flyers was awesome! 

He's a good guy to have on your team. I've watched him and he's so good around the net. It's also great because he's been in the U.S. Program, played in the Olympics and he went to UNH [University of New Hampshire] so he's a college guy like me - that's awesome. The amount of success that he's had and is going to have in Philly is going to be something to see. He's definitely a guy I've watched and learned some stuff from. He's so good on the wall. He's got a smart hockey-sense and an extremely good stick. 

Ok, now back to camp... We're at a point where it's been a little repetitive the last three or four days: meetings, warmups, on-ice, cool down, media, meals and back at it again for evening skates. 

That's actually really good though because I've found that you get to know the guys more. It has this effect where you starting battling the guys and chirping them more. It's stuff like that when we're stretching or playing ball hockey it keeps things light. 

There's no pressure at all here because it's not like you're going to make the team out of this camp. It's a light vibe and everyone's having fun, even with the guys from different countries, it's so much easier now that you know them better even thought there's not a lot of talking. When I came in I really only knew Joel [Farabee], Hainer [Gavin Hain] and Jack [St. Ivany] and that was about it. I knew of guys but never knew them personally so it's funny to see the different personalities come out. Some of them are really funny guys.

I'm looking forward to the 3 on 3 tournament today - I think everybody is actually - The skill stuff we're working on has been helpful to my game, but I know everybody is looking forward to showing their stuff in that competition. Everybody wants to win and trust me it's going to get pretty competitive - I know some guys went at it yesterday at practice which was pretty funny and you might see a little bit of that today.

That's it for now... I'll have one last entry after the tournament and exit interviews before I head back to Boston. Catch up with you later.


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