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Day 4: Trial on the Isle Recap

A look back at Trial on the Isle and thoughts entering 3-on-3 tourney

by Ronnie Attard @ronnieattard

Hey Flyers fans... So here's my Trial on the Isle experience.

Woke up. Got to Skate Zone. Had a little bit of breakfast -- by the way, the food this week has been great but more on that in a few -- Got on the road for about an hour bus ride.

So they have meals here for us morning, noon & night. Chef Greg and Billy take good care of us. You come into the rink and it's all ready for you. Great to not have to go out and get food this week. 

You get a pretty good variety of what to pick from and it's all healthy for what kind of training and exercising we're doing because we have to treat our bodies right and take care of it during our season. They even tell us how to make it ourselves in the nutrition meetings.

So far my favorite meal was the steak bites and potatoes we had on the first day -- but there's a few more days here to pass that. The breakfast, potatoes, the eggs, they're all really good too - we even had some breakfast wraps this morning. They do a good job putting it all together for us.

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Ok, back to Trial on the Isle.
When we got down there, we listened to some speakers that wore the Flyers crest. That was pretty cool to hear them talk about that. From there, we watched a movie kind of on the history of the Flyers [HBO's Broad Street Bullies]. I learned a lot in that. I haven't seen that before but it was a great documentary for us to watch. Kind of taught us a little bit about the history and what the Flyers have done to this community.

From there, we had an autograph session and that was really fun. Got to meet a lot of fans. I even signed a hand - that was about the weirdest thing though, nothing too crazy.

After that, we hit the beach and started playing some volleyball. My team didn't come out on top and I'm still a little sour about that, but it was a good fun day. I didn't get burnt, so I'm happy about that.
I played with German [Rubtsov], Egor [Zamula] and Will [MacKinnon]. We played some good teams but got a couple questionable calls -- not too sure about the refs there, ha! 
After that we had a really nice meal at a restaurant down there -- again, more good food! Then headed home. The ride home, as you would expect I feel asleep for the last 30 minutes -- we were stuck in a little bit of traffic, so I passed out for a little bit. I woke up and we were home.

Well, I have one more post to go and you'll get to hear all about the 3 on 3 tournament AND 5 on 5 scrimmage, so stay tuned.


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