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5 Key Quotes: The Alain Vigneault Press Conference

A look at the key things said (and why) during the introduction of the new Flyers head coach

by @NHLFlyers

The Flyers held their official press conference to introduce Alain Vigneault, the 21st head coach in franchise history, on Thursday. During the nearly 30 minute session, much was revealed from thoughts on the player roster, reasons for accepting the job and what everyone wants to know - the style he will bring come training camp.

Below are five notable quotes, plus video, to come out of the press conference:

"You look, in my mind, at three things. There's some solid youth with a lot of upside here that is coming into its own. There's great goaltending, being one of those youth pieces. There's as solid core group that in my mind needs the right direction. And you've got the combination also of some solid veteran players that have been in the league a few years, that can still contribute at a high level in this league. There are some solid pieces that in my mind and after discussing it with a lot of people that I respect their opinion in the NHL I feel that the Flyers are a very good team that with the proper direction, proper mindset, proper culture and people working together will be a very good team in the near future."
  - Vigneault on why this team can win now, citing a big reason for accepting the job so quickly.

"I'm not coming in here with any preconceived notions about anybody. They can come in here and show me the type of player they are, but also what type of person they are. Team first attitude. I will do anything I have to do to make this team win."
  - Vigneault on how he approaches getting to know a new roster, and how he will handle each player.

"I believe in today's game, a high-tempo, take our game to them approach where you have the D supporting the attack, D jumping up in the play, forwards making the right decision with the puck. When the other team has the gap and there's no space to make a play, there is one play. That's to get it behind them. That's high percentage and it doesn't hurt your team. I'm going to make sure our team understands the details of the game that are going to permit them to win."
  - Vigneault gives a look into the system that he plans on implementing with the players and staff.Video: Flyers new HC Alain Vigneault on coaching philosophy

"The way that I prepare a team for games I believe permits a player to understand what he needs to do against that team to be successful. I'm also very adamant that a player has his part to do in that. At the end of the day this is a team sport, but you're accountable to your preparation and to your performance."
  - Vigneault commenting on motivating his players to perform at their highest levels, on a consistent basis, right from the start of training camp.

"Some people are going to like the things Chuck and I do with my staff, and some other people aren't going to like it as much. At the end of the day, you know what we have to do? We have to win."
  - On the main goal of the team that takes the ice for the 2019-20 season.Video: Flyers new HC Alain Vigneault on returning to hockey

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