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10 Notes: GM speaks, Briere family highlights Day 2

Ice sessions continue as storylines emerge on Day 2 of Development Camp

by @NHLFlyers

It was groundhog's day for the prospects at Skate Zone, who had a nearly identical schedule from the first on-ice day. Except for a few different informational meetings, which you'll hear about below, Day 2 took a deeper dive into the Flyers prospect pool as well as a few comments from the General Manager.

Here are other notes and storylines to come out of the sessions:

General Manager Chuck Fletcher met with the media today to talk on a number of topics... and there's more on that down the list here... but for now, he gave his impressions on the group of prospects assembled this week.

"There's a lot of high-end talent here and it's been impressive to see. Our scouting staff has done a tremendous job. This is the most talent I've seen in a development camp in my whatever number of years I've been in the business, both in terms of quality and quantity in every position. It's a deep group of prospects and many of them will be playing pro hockey next year."

Video: Flyers GM speaks following day 2 of development camp

Fletcher also commented on today's news of re-signing Brian Elliott to a one-year term. With several factors at play, one that stood out was the club's confidence on knowing Elliott, being very familiar with his medical history and ability to manage the demand of an NHL schedule in today's game.

"I anticipate both guys playing. I think the days of a 65-to 70-game goaltender are probably gone. Somewhere in the 30-50 range for each guy… Alain Vigneault and the coaching staff will come up with a good plan. It's nice to have two quality options and two guys we know can work together. I think that certainty was important to us." 

While today was pretty much the same routine as far as time slots, there was a difference of on-ice drills and competition.

"The first day was more skill stuff like having the puck back in your hip-pocket and shooting," said Noah Cates. "Today was more puck protection and some deceptive moves you can do to gain some space with the defender and get some time out there."

One of the nice storylines from camp is that Danny Briere is back. No, not the way you think. His son, Carson Briere, was invited by GM Chuck Fletcher to participate before he enters college at Arizona State.

"The one thing I wanted to make sure with Carson is I had nothing to do with it. I'm not the one who asked, I'm not the one who asked Chuck or Brent and I made that clear with Carson. It was out of the blue, unexpected, I didn't see it coming. It was pretty cool for me, too, but I'm sure for him it's special because he grew up with the Flyers."

Video: Danny Briere discusses his son at development camp

So how has Carson adjusted to life at camp so far?

"I mean I'm just trying to get better. I'm taking it a day at a time. I don't think there is any pressure on me. If I don't make it, I don't make it, if I do, I do. I'm just trying to get better at hockey and have some fun and have it translate to college and we will see what happens from there. 

Video: Carson Briere following day two of development camp

With any parent-child relationship there naturally comes advice and coaching. 

Danny: "Well I never felt like I pushed... you see the skill level and the talent and try to help them and when you realize there is something there."

So when asked if he listens to dad, Carson's answer:

Carson: "Yeah, I don't really have a choice. I can't really say you don't know what you're talking about to him because he's done it, he's been through it all. I'm definitely lucky to have him as a dad and guide me through my hockey career. It's definitely made it a lot easier for me."

Prospect's eating habits are usually not yet refined, and one of the most important aspects of developing is how fast you recover, and in most cases, put on weight or muscle mass to get used to a pro game. That all begins and ends with nutrition, which was one of the presentations to the players today.

"It's huge for us and especially for me with coming off my first year pro," said Connor Bunnaman. "Living on my own, having to make my own meals and stuff like that helps me stay in shape."

Noah Cates, the Flyers 5th round pick in 2017, is one of two players at this year camp to have won an NCAA National Championship, helping the University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs win a second straight title as a Freshman.

"I just stepped into a bigger role at Christmas, right after World Juniors and I was ready to take that role. I can't say enough good things about the whole year and how I developed and how the opportunities came and how I took advantage of them. I'm very thankful for the whole year and thankful to win a championship with that group."

The other player at camp is Cates' brother - Jackson, who is two years older and a camp invitee.

While much of the focus is on the newest Flyers selected in the draft, there's also the group of players who were selected last year and the realization that they are picking up more information having already been through camp once.

"Well, the first year you come in and you're a little nervous and try to do too much out there" said Wyatt Wylie. "Once thing they emphasized a lot is no stickhandling and I worked on that a lot throughout the year, like breaking pucks out without moving my hands, so that's really helped my game."

It wouldn't be a Flyers Development Camp without talking about the annual "Trial on the Isle". With a modified look this year, one focus will be on the volleyball competition, which one prospect is looking forward to...

"I saw we have a nice sunny day, hopefully the weather holds up," said Ronnie Attard. "I am a pretty good volleyball player too, so excited about that. Hopefully, I can get a good teammate."

Attard is also keeping an exclusive blog on, which you can view HERE.

Video: 2018 Flyers first round draft picks tee off

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