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The FLAMES Foundation for Life

by Staff Writer / Calgary Flames


The Calgary Flames are proud to introduce the Flames Foundation for Life—a gift to the community that celebrates our 25th Anniversary.

For the past quarter-century, we've been blessed to find ourselves the recipient of an outpouring of generosity and support from a city that's embraced us right from the beginning. Now it's our turn to give back in a way that's more meaningful than ever.

The Flames Foundation for Life will be at the heart of all Flames fundraising efforts. The original mandate of the Flames ownership group 25 years ago, and one that is still prominent today, was to ensure that the Calgary Flames would make a positive impact on the quality of life of all people in Southern Alberta. Because of this commitment, the Flames Foundation has already directed over 24 million dollars in funding to education, medical research, health, amateur sport and recreation.

The Flames Foundation for Life will build on this tradition, with an injection of $5 million to the project that will encompass the following:

Flames House

Flames House will be Southern Alberta's first free-standing pediatric hospice and respite centre for terminally ill children. The hospice will be specifically designed to support children and families throughout a child's illness. The centre will be located within easy access to Alberta Children's Hospital and will have seven patient rooms, therapeutic activity areas and a classroom. A hospice environment helps families manage both the grief associated with a child's worsening condition and their spiritual journey throughout. Flames House could be open as early as spring 2007.

Calgary Flames Park at Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House is a compassionate, safe and affordable home away from home for out-of-town families whose children are critically ill and receiving treatment in a Calgary hospital. The current house sits on a small patch of land with no yard.

This fall, however, the construction of a new Ronald McDonald house will be completed on two acres of land right next to the new Alberta Children's Hospital. These two acres will be transformed into Calgary Flames Park—an oasis of trees, grass and flowers that connects onto one of Calgary's many bike paths. The park will include a tots' playground, a team play area and many quiet garden retreats.

Flames for Medical Advancement

Flames for Medical Advancement is committed to helping create a new vision of wellness and medical research that will enhance the well-being of everyone in the community. Building this new world will involve five key areas:

• Public Health & Wellness—The Markin Institute for Public Health is dedicated to applying life-changing research to our community. The institute will focus on health and wellness programs including community health, injury prevention and active living programs.

• Heart Disease—The Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta is dedicated to preventing heart disease through research and education. Heart disease currently takes a massive toll on Canadians, costing the economy over 20 billion dollars a year. The Libin Institute will pioneer programs in prevention, detection, research, treatment and rehabilitation of heart disease.

• Neuroscience—The Hotchkiss Brain Institute will explore the mysteries of the human brain. The Institute is committed to advancing research in neurological and mental health and will be the only neurological institute of its kind in western Canada. It will have the potential to change the lives of people suffering from debilitating diseases of the brain.

NeuroArm—The NeuroArm robotic system will be the world's first image-guided surgical robot in collaboration with MD Robotics—the creators of the Canadarm. The system functions under the control of a surgeon and is made up of two robotic arms. A third arm is equipped with cameras providing 3-D, MRI compatible stereoscopic views. The NeuroArm will allow surgeons to perform operations that require image guidance and precise motion.

• Bone & Joint Health—The Alberta Bone & Joint Health Institute has a vision to make Alberta's bone and joint health care the best in the world. As people live longer, it's recognized that a life of pain and disability can be truly catastrophic. The Institute will focus on research, treatment access and advances as well as prevention and wellness.

Amateur Sports & Grassroots Initiatives

Hockey development and education have always been, and will continue to be, at centre ice. In addition to the Flames'' annual support of the Flames Financial Assistance Program for minor hockey, the players and coaches are involved in various minor hockey initiatives. These include Minor Hockey Week, minor hockey team tours of the Flames dressing room, visits to minor hockey practices and hosting hockey clinics as well as numerous memorabilia donations for various minor hockey fundraising events.

The establishment of the Flames Foundation for Life is our way of saying thank you for your enduring support and generosity over the past 25 years. We have been profoundly touched by your gift to us over the last quarter-century. It's because of you that we're able to give back in a way that we hope will enhance the lives and community of everyone who has been a part of our history. We couldn't have done it alone, and we can't go forward without you. You have our respect, our gratitude and our hope that you'll continue to be at our side as we pioneer a new era in this community we all love so much.

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