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Tanguay's outdoor memory

by Kristi Hennessy / Calgary Flames

If you are a hockey player, you likely remember playing outdoors.

Alex Tanguay is no different. The Calgary Flames forward  skated outdoors as a kid growing up and, while playing in Denver with the Colorado Avalanche, went back to those roots with his brother.

He takes us back to 2001, when, as an NHL player, he played some pond hockey against some unsuspecting skaters.

"I was playing in Colorado at the time, my second year in Colorado and my family came out for Christmas. My younger brother, who was about nine years younger than me, was about 12 at the time. We went out to Evergreen on Christmas Day and he brought his skates. Obviously when you're a young kid and your brother is in the NHL, it's always nice to go out and skate with your brother.

"So we go out and we get to the pond, and there's four guys playing hockey. And I said, do you mind if we play? And the guys are like, okay, you want to spread the team? And I said, no, we'll take us two against you four. And they were four older guys that did not really know who we were.

"So I started playing and I was getting my brother to score every goal. That was quite an experience for me, and after a while, the guys finally picked up that I was playing in the NHL, so they finally asked me. It was really nice, we had so much fun playing outside."

The scene was 10 years ago but Tanguay painted the picture as vividly as though it was yesterday.

Memories like these, especially with friends and family, never fade. Not even for a minute.

The upcoming Heritage Classic outdoor game, will be yet another to add to the memory bank.

"It's very unique experience, and as a Canadian kid, and most of the American kids that grow up in the north, had a chance at one time or another to play outside. It makes the experience that much more fun. The ice is usually very good, and it's something that as far as now being the NHL and getting the chance to play that game outside, it's going to be fun. And I'm really looking forward to it"

Author: Kristi Hennessy

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