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Cyr fires first shot in CSE cup

by Aaron Vickers / Calgary Flames

CALGARY, AB -- With the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Group Hockey Championship just four days away, Rollie Cyr showed no hesitation in skewering the competition.

Cyr, the vice president of sales with the Calgary Flames and longtime Finance Cup participant, wasted no time in critiquing the character -- or lack there of -- of longtime foes in the Finance Department.

Targeting John Bean and Deniece Kennedy, the self-described 6-foot-2 power forward called out his rival department on the lack of ethics displayed in previous tournaments.

"The entire finance group led by John Bean and Denise Kennedy, you'd think that the word integrity might mean something in finance," Cyr sniped. "These guys will stop at nothing in terms of the underhanded and sneaky methods that they will stoop to. Guys that have never worked a day are hired on one-day contracts."

Calling foul on questionable recruiting techniques, Cyr referenced an addition of then Calgary Flames forward Todd Bertuzzi to the finance department in time for the 2009 Finance Cup.

Bertuzzi had a goal and 11 assists in the game.

"The likes of Bertuzzi was the signature piece in terms of just how low and what they will not do to succeed," Cyr said. "Obviously there must have been childhood issues for both of them. They weren't very athletic and never had any success in athletics and now they're living vicariously and will stop at nothing. To say that our finance department should win this game would be atrocious and would just be an absolute travesty."

But Finance wasn't the sole object of Cyr's scorn. The communications department couldn't avoid criticism, either.

Not even vice president of communications Peter Hanlon or media relations manager Sean Kelso could possibly put a positive spin on the shots Cyr fired their way.

Cyr was relentless in his digs at Kelso, known to flap the gums from Towson University to the Isle Of Wight.

"Here's a guy who just shows up from Hockey Canada, thinks he's a big swinging deal and realistically what has he ever done, right?" questioned Cyr. "Apparently he played in London. I'm not sure if that was Ontario, England or somewhere in New Jersey.

"The guy talks a big game but last year, there he was making out with an inflatable doll in the stands. I think you don't need to say any more about a guy like Kelso. In fact, we spent more time than we needed."

"His sidekick, Peter Hanlon, a classic wannabe. He dances around the rink but he's always on the peripheral. He never gets to the dirty areas. Pretty skater, but maybe he was playing yesterday when 'Skaters on Ice' showed up. And what's with that helmet he wears? It was 1898 that helmet was used."

The likes of Hanlon, Kelso, Bean and Kennedy will have the opportunity to answer Cyr's sneers when the puck drops on the 2013 Calgary Sports & Entertainment Cup on Friday.

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