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Coaches comments following Game 6

by Staff Writer / Calgary Flames


Jim Playfair - Calgary Flames

On Detroit's play:
"I think when you stop and you understand the game, I think you can take a real strong look at how Detroit's played all season long. They have put a lot of pucks on net, and they established their fore check from that, they get offensive zone face-offs, it's a style of play they use. Quite frankly in the first period, a lot of the shots were from outside the blue line which established their puck play behind the goal, behind our defense. In saying that, with a mind set of 20 players feeling the same way about it, they do get a lot of shots on net. I think that's the strength of their club."

On judging the Flames:
"It's such an emotional deal. People don't understand what goes into it. You can pick and choose what you like and dislike about our team from October until now, but when you're inside that room and you've been through that, it's an emotional situation that you just can't replace. And you just can't decide in 15 minutes and trim it out and say 'this is exactly where our issues are and how you're going to correct it'. You have thousands of hours invested in something. People on the outside don't see that."

On Miikka Kiprusoff:
"Again Kipper gave us a chance to win. I thought Kipper was excellent. He laid it on the line for us and we didn't get enough done up front to move past this. But I thought again he was really good."

Mike Babcock – Detroit Red Wings

On Miikka Kiprusoff:
"Their goalie is unbelievable and if you go through all their games, a lot of games the rink was tilted, but their goalie, even tonight gave them a real opportunity just like we did because he's that good. We kept coming and I was proud of our guys, they didn't give an inch and just kept coming even when we got behind. The thing about this series for them is they got unbelievable fans. Edmonton, I thought last year was loud, but these people are incredible and they have a great city, great fans and great goaltender."

On Johan Franzen's OT goal:
"It was a great play (overtime winner) because Langer scored a big goal for us early, then he got the puck and he dished it wide and he drove the net and Mule (Franzen) cut in behind. Anytime the game goes for as long as it did, it's hard for the d-men to hold their ground when a guy's driving the middle, and Mule has a rocket anyway and put it up over. Kipper (Miikka Kiprusoff) had to go down because he probably can't see it with Lang driving the middle, and he got it up over his shoulder."

On Detroit's past post seasons:
"I haven't been in Detroit very long but our fans, the people at the rink, the media, I don't know if they think we have got some sort of a disease that we're going to fail or whatever, but to me we carried that around. This team isn't about '03 or '04 or '06, it's about this year. We've got a good team and we've been a determined group from the get-go. People said we weren't going to be very good and we are good. We've got a determined group, and I think we have a shot."

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