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2013 CSEG teams announced

by Jason Johnson / Calgary Flames

Team Stampeders:

General Manager Art Hernandez

1.Jamie Seguin (Goalie)
2.Martin Gelinas (Celebrity)
3.Alex Snell
4.Matt Reid
5.Jason Walker
6.Andrew Campbell
7.Jon Anderson
8.Chris Dunwald
9.Chris Dingle
10.Corey Myke
11.Steve Edgar
12.Geordie Macleod
13.Andrew Stachiw
14.Peter Stewart

Team Flames:
General Manager Jason Johnson

Team Staff

Torie Peterson: Co-General Manager, Assistant Coach, Red Bull Specialist
Sean O'Brien: Head Coach, Semi-Ginger
Colleen Little: Director of Hockey Operations
Kimberly Colonna: Assistant Director of Hockey Operations
Alanna Minchau: Director of Hockey Administration
Joanna French: Director of Video Analysis
Adam Zimmer: Director of In-Game Entertainment (Music)
Kristen Beyak: Hydration SpecialistTeam Staff

1.Mitch Nybo (Goalie)
2.Craig Conroy (Celebrity)
3.Jamie Pringle
4.Bob Hartley
5.Sean Kelso
6.Kristin Hallett
7.Bryce Forbes
8.Blaine Rutherford
9.Aaron Vickers
10.Jason Johnson
11.Dave Law
12.Chris Huey
13.Richard Gurney
14.Rich Hesketh

Team Roughnecks:
General Managers Rollie Cyr / Kevin Gross

Team Staff
Head Coach, Mike Franco

Last season’s championship coach, Pat Halls, is unavailable to attend, but his support of Team Roughnecks is unwavering. Halls looks to return to the bench next season once Franco is medically cleared for game participation.

Director of Hockey Operations, Candice Goudie
“Contacts and her ability to access talent are beyond reproach.”

Senior Vice President In-Game Presentation, Jodie Schreiner
“Best in the Business.”

Assistant to the SVP In-Game Presentation, Kayla Vandean
“Proved herself last season, has a bright future with the team.”

Senior Vice President Hydration, Suzanna Chapman
“Experience in that art of hydration is second to none.”

Assistant to the SVP, Rachel Davis
“Future star in hydration.”

Assistant to the Assistant of Hydration, Brittany Gardhouse
“You gotta start somewhere.”

Head Trainer, Sarah Hood
“Hood’s Shiatsu techniques will be instrumental in keeping the team invigorated throughout the Round Robin.”

1.Jason Kelly (Goalie)
2.TBD (Celebrity)
3.Michelle Everett
4.Kevin Gross
5.Scott Matheson
6.Rollie Cyr
7.Brody Butchart
8.Mike Board
9.Blake Heynen
10.Jamie Coulter
11.Luke Dauray
12.Joel Domansky
13.Eric Bay
14. Chris Snow

Team Hitmen:
General Managers Deniece Kennedy / John Bean

Team Staff

John Bean / Deniece Kennedy – Co-GM’s
Michael Holditch – Asst Coach
Kristi Main – Goaltending Coach
Coralie Baun– VP, Public Relations
Graham Brissard – Team Mascot
Stuart Smith / Nick Nickbruleigh / Marshall Lang – In game presentations (SPONSORED BY COCA-COLA)
Stacey McCloskey / Shelagh Benning / Bettina Relosa – Hydration Specialists
Kelly Powis – Strength & Conditioning Coach
Susan Rollins – Head Team Trainer
Verna Kish / Susan Green / Kerry Martinuk / Dusanka Grujovic / Nadeem Baig – Team Hitmen cheering squad
Mike Mungiello – Team Captaino…

1.Scott Boucher (Goalie)
2.Ryan Howse (Celebrity)
3.Melissa Blades
4.Cam Keith
5.Ian Sinclair
6.Dan LeBlanc
7.Brent Gibbs
8.Sean Lynch
9.Mark Stiles
10.Mike Moore
11.Josh Kirkpatrick
12.Mike Mungiello
13.Marc Leost
14. Brent Kisio

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