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Accessibility Support for NHL.TV™


Closed Captioning

Screen Magnification

Screen Readers

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Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is available in the current NHL.TV™ media player for live and archived games. To enable closed captioning, click on the CC icon on the bottom right of the media player toolbar. Enabling closed captioning changes the CC icon coloring from grey to white. To disable closed captioning, simply click the CC icon again.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the video player page.
  • Under "General," "Closed Captioning", confirm "Enable Closed Captioning" is checked.

Screen Magnification

Full screen mode can be enabled in the NHL.TV™ media player by clicking on the square button below the video player in the very bottom right of the media player toolbar.

Additionally, your Mac or PC computer or compatible browsers have built-in screen magnification settings that can be adjusted in your system control panel or browser preferences menu.


Screen Readers

NHL.TV™ subscribers will have access to TV broadcasts within the NHL.TV™ Media Player. Selecting a game from the NHL.TV Media Center: The games options for watching games are arranged in a table. The rows contain matchup information and the times of the games, and the column at right contains viewing options:

Home, Away, National and French, where available. Additionally Condensed games and Highlights, when available, will be located in this column as well.

Assistive technology users can use their Table navigation key to take them directly to the table (usually 'T'). Assistive technology users can use their table navigation keys to navigate around the table. Users should consult their screen reader documentation for detailed instructions on how to navigate the tables. For example, the following keys may be used in JAWS for table navigation: Alt + Control + Down Arrow - to move down a row Alt + Control + Up Arrow - to move up a row Alt + Control + Left Arrow - to move to the previous cell Alt + Control + Right Arrow - to move to the next cell Insert + Shift + Up Arrow - to read the current row Alt + Control + Num Pad 5 - to read the current cells along with header information

Alternately, the following keys may be used in Window-Eyes for table navigation: Numpad Insert + Down Arrow - to move down a row Numpad Insert + Up Arrow - to move up a row Numpad Insert + Left Arrow - to move to the previous cell Numpad Insert+ Right Arrow - to move to the next cell Navigate to any cell and use arrow keys - to read the current cells The easiest way to locate a game is to navigate down the second column to locate the game. The time is announced automatically for the game. For the desired game, navigate along the column for viewing options. The headings for the viewing options will be announced automatically, but table reading keys can be used to confirm the viewing option and time (For example, in JAWS Alt + Control + Num Pad 5). When a link for a game is activated, a Flash movie opens in a new window. The new window contains general information for screen reader users about how to access NHL.TV™. This is not visible to other users. After a brief period, the NHL.TV™ Media Player will load. For users who have not yet logged in, a login form is displayed in the bottom left corner of the window. For users who have previously logged in, they will be taken directly to the game they selected from the Media Center.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts are available to users in order to facilitate easier and faster use of key features of the NHL.TV™ Media Player.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in the NHL.TV™ Media Player:

M - Mute or Unmute Application

D - Decrease Application Volume by 10%

U - Increase Application Volume by 10%

P - Shortcut to Pause or Play the current video or audio broadcast

T - Navigate to select a game from today

A - Navigate to select an archived game

? - Shortcut to navigate to the Accessibility Information for the application

Notes: Keyboard shortcuts will only work when focus is on the NHL.TV™ Media Player. Flash application Keyboard shortcuts will not work from within an editable text field (eg: Login input field) The shortcut keys work by simply pressing the indicated hotkey. However, this hot key may conflict with another keyboard shortcut on your system. Depending on your screen reader, operating system, and browser, you may need to press Control plus the shortcut key; Alt plus the shortcut key; Apple plus the shortcut key; or a combination of these keys If you continue to experience keyboard shortcut conflicts, you may need to disable screen reader shortcuts or other application shortcuts to use the NHL.TV™ Media Player keyboard shortcuts.

Additional Help

Can't find the answer? We are always here to help!

Twitter: @NHLTVSupport

Phone: 800-559-2333 (US) (International Customers please call 1-585-736-3994)


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