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2020 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic®

Dallas Stars 4, Nashville Predators 2 | Highlights

New Year's Day, 2020 | Cotton Bowl® Stadium | Dallas, Texas


Where can I buy a NHL Winter Classic® jersey?

NHL Winter Classic® jerseys can be purchased here.



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All-Time NHL Winter Classic® Moments

Tailgating information

Tailgating activities will be permitted in Pre-Purchased lots only including: Lots 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 & Parry Ave Lot; from the time parking lots open until puck drop only (approximately 12:30 p.m. CST). Tailgating is not permitted during the game or postgame.

Fans are encouraged to purchase parking passes in advance here.

• Parking Spaces: Fans can only occupy one (1) parking stall per parking pass. Tailgating in the parking lots must be limited to the area directly in front of or behind the vehicle. Tents and tailgating equipment must not extend beyond into drive/fire lanes, along sidewalks and painted walkways, or other areas deemed by Fair Park staff as an obstruction. Saving parking spaces is not allowed at any time. Fans who want to tailgate together must arrive together. Fans are not allowed to rope off or reserve tailgate areas. Tailgating in empty stalls is prohibited.

• Alcohol Consumption: Excessive or underage consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated. Drinking games or any other activity that is linked to competitive or binge drinking are not permitted. Games or activities determined by security staff to be unsafe or which could cause harm to other fans will not be allowed.

• Grills: Natural gas or propane grills are permitted, however, charcoal grills and oil fryers are not permitted.

• Food and Beverages: Fans are limited to preparing/ providing food and beverages for their family and friends only. Private catering companies or the sale of food or beverage items to other fans is not permitted.

• Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Unmanned aircraft systems (i.e. drones, radio controlled model aircraft, etc.) are prohibited. Possession or operation of such devices will result in immediate ejection from the area and law enforcement intervention.

• Audio Equipment: Portable public address systems are not permitted and large portable radios and sound systems inside vehicles cannot be used at excessive volume levels or play music not suitable for a public setting (i.e. profanity in lyrics) as determined by parking lot or security team member.

• Generators: Small portable electric generators (6500W or less) are allowed, however, electrical cords cannot be placed across parking area drive aisles, any sidewalk or create a trip hazard for other fans.

• Prohibited Items and Activities: Weapons of any kind, fireworks, glass containers, illegal drug use, the sale of goods or services, fighting and harassment, and the advertising or display of commercial signage is not permitted.

• Waste: If you bring it take it away! Fair Park encourages all fans to reduce, reuse and recycle and dispose of all waste in appropriate waste and recycling containers. Please help keep Fair Park clean!

• Fans vehicles that fail to comply with all Parking Guidelines will be subject to tow and all fees associated with the impounding of the vehicle are the responsibility of the owner.

• Fair Park First, City of Dallas, Spectra, State Fair of Texas, National Hockey League, and ACE Parking do not guard, or assume care, custody, or control of vehicles or their contents and is not responsible for any fire, theft, damage, or loss. Lock vehicles, remove/hide valuables, and take your keys!

• Tailgating in parking lots is intended for Winter Classic ticket holders only and fans are reminded that the NHL's Code of Conduct extends throughout these areas.