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Saad Ahmad, Age 16, Toronto, ON

Saad grew up in a family where sports were not really something that were watched. Growing up, his earliest hockey memory is Sidney Crosby's Golden Goal, and he remembers truly getting into hockey when he was about 10 or 11 years-old, when many students in his class watched the Montreal Canadiens. Saad has always been extremely passionate about hockey, watching almost every single Canadiens game and trying to spread the game of hockey in the diverse community he lives in. He partakes in many extracurricular boards, those relating to the environment, his town, his school's government and of course the NHL's youth advisory board. In addition to this, he loves to read, enjoys nature and playing video games.

Arya Bhushan, Age 16, St. Louis, MO

Arya has been an avid St. Louis Blues fan since the 2014 playoffs when he witnessed his team win two electrifying overtime games in a row. In 2019 he cheered his team on as they completed the greatest comeback in sports history to win the Stanley Cup. Arya spends time everyday blogging hockey opinion articles, reading hockey news, listening to his favorite YouTubers analyze the sport, and of course, watching hockey games! When he's not watching hockey, you can find Arya playing EA NHL 21 on his Xbox, playing chess in the nation's chess capital, or volunteering in his community. Arya looks forward to working with the NHL to promote the game of hockey so all youth can partake in this extraordinary sport.

Hannah Bloom, Age 17, Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC

To know Hannah is to understand her love for the Montreal Canadiens! As she has grown older, her passion for the NHL has only deepened and it has become a true source of tremendous joy in her life. She loves to introduce new people to the sport whenever she can and strives to share her passion for the game with anyone who is willing to listen! Thanks to her outspoken nature, her friends, teachers, classmates and relatives have all quickly learned that she is the go-to person for an opinion on the latest news in the professional sports world. Since Hannah never shies away from sharing her opinions, she is so excited to be a part of the NHL Power Players in its second season! Hannah is also an honors student at West Island College in her final year of high school looking towards future education as she aspires to one day have a career revolving around her passion for sports. Hannah dreams of inspiring other women to be involved with sports, much like the incredible women who created this Youth Advisory Board have done for her!

Ryan Burns, Age 15, Attleboro, MA

Ryan Burns lives in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He is 15 years old and a freshman in high school. He plays rugby but enjoys watching all sports, especially hockey. He is a huge Bruins fan and when he's not busy with school or sports enjoys hanging out with friends and family.

Brian Choi, Age 17, Surrey, BC

Playing street hockey in grade 2 was how Brian first got exposed to the sport, he remembers the first time his stick snapped in half. He ended up developing a love for the sport over time, and it's probably caused more pain than joy as a Canucks fan. All that aside, hockey has created numerous opportunities and experiences for Brian, all of which he is extremely thankful for. Brian is very excited to return to the Power Players for a second season. It's worth noting that if he hadn't scraped his knee that one time in grade 3, he probably would have made the show.

Callista Chong, Age 16, Chicago, IL

Callista lives, breaths, and sleeps hockey. She has played for the past four years at the Chicago Mission AAA hockey club, and is currently playing up on the u19 team as a 16-year old. Her favorite teams to watch are the Washington Capitals and the Chicago Blackhawks, and emulates her playing style after T.J Oshie, Patrick Kane, and Evgeny Kuznetsov. When she is not consumed with hockey, she is an avid creative writer and guitarist, having performed in numerous rock/metal bands over the years. She is beyond excited to share another year with the NHL Power Player program!

Bryden Ensign, Age 16, Waterloo, ON

Bryden is thrilled to be a returning Power Player for the 2020-21 season. Bryden was born in Mountain View, California, moved to Ottawa, Canada when he was an infant and now lives in Waterloo, Canada. At age 3, Bryden learned to skate with the Ottawa Senators Sparty Learn 2 Skate program and then started playing hockey when he was 4. Bryden enjoys traveling, mountain biking, sailing, gaming, spending time with his family and playing guitar. He especially loves hockey - playing it, reffing it and watching it. He has been a Bruins fan since he was 4. Bryden is also interested in hockey history and particularly stories of Bobby Orr, Jacques Plantes, Fred Sasakamoose, Willie O'Ree and other game greats. Being part of the inaugural Power Players youth advisory board has been a highlight of his life and he is excited to work with returning and new Power Players to continue to help build the NHL fan base.

Lainey Fortney, Age 13, Colorado Springs, CO

Lainey first fell in love with skating at the age of four; at that time, she lived at the "Hogwarts of Hockey" (Shattuck-St. Mary's in MN) and spent hours playing tag with "big kids" at the rink on campus. Then life took her to Nashville, which is where Lainey became a diehard Predators fan and began playing competitive travel hockey. After three years with the Flyers organization, Lainey and her family moved to Colorado Springs and played with the Tigers. Lainey is now on Team Colorado 14AAA and loving her first season of playing on an all-girls team. She admires many hockey players including Blake Bolden, Kendall Coyne Schofield, and Rebecca Russo and is grateful for the doors they have opened. Lainey is eager to continue showing the world that hockey truly is for everyone.

Will Gladstone, Age 16, Arlington, MA

Will is a Sophomore at Concord Academy in Concord, Massachusetts. His earliest hockey memory is when he was 6 years old and went to his first Bruins game, his first Professional Sports game. Ever since then he has been a die-hard Bruins and hockey fan; going to games, keeping up with news around the league, and watching every game he can. He loves playing the EA NHL games with his friends, and talking about the Bruins. His favorite players are Kevan Miller and Brad Marchand and watching the physical aspect they bring to the game. When he's not talking about the Bruins you can find him watching Star Wars, Avatar, The Office, or entertaining his three dogs. Another thing you can find Will doing in his free time is shipping out blue socks all across the world to raise money for the blue-footed booby, a blue footed bird that lives in the Galapagos. In 2016 he learned the population was declining and no one knew why so he created The Blue Feet Foundation with his brother to sell blue socks to raise money for research into the decline of the blue footed bird. Since 2016 he has sold over 20,000 pairs of socks to people in over 50 countries and raised over $150,000 for blue-footed booby research. That doesn't include the $20 Brad Marchand gave him when he bought socks for his kids (because that $20 bill is framed on Will's bedroom wall). The Blue Feet Foundation has over 30,000 social media followers whom Will educates about the blue-footed booby (and the occasional Bruins fact when he can sneak it in).

Aidan Gunn, Age 15, Bowie, MD

Aidan is a fan of all sports, but hockey is by far his favorite. He is happiest on the ice and played hockey for three seasons with the Bowie Bruins. He eventually had to stop because of health problems, but still found ways to be involved with the sport. He was assistant coach for the Mite A travel team at his local rink, volunteered with the Learn to Play program, and helped out with Try Hockey for Free. Aidan and his hockey community fought long and hard to help save a much needed new, two sheet ice rinkfor Bowie, Maryland. Although the project fell through at the last minute, the process sparked an interest in community activism that Aidan plans on pursuing.

When he's not at the rink, he loves to stay active and take on projects. In his free time he enjoys listening to music, crafting killer turkey sandwiches, and playing sports with his friends and three younger siblings. Aidan is an aspiring sports broadcaster and is passionate about writing, public speaking, and debate. He has participated in the Johns Hopkins Model United Nations in Baltimore and joined Play By Play Sports Broadcasting during quarantine.

He loves TJ Oshie, hates sticky things, and is thrilled to be a part of the Power Players program.

Piper Hays, Age 17, Vancouver, BC

Piper began playing hockey at six years old. After growing up in a hockey family, she was inspired to continue playing by her favorite NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks, and by the Canadian Women's team during the 2010 Olympic games. Piper has always been incredibly passionate about women's hockey in particular, as she now plays U18 girls hockey as a defenseman with the Vancouver Angels, and assistant coaches one of the U11 girls team. To her, diversity and accessibility to the sport is something she hopes to continue improving with the Power Players, as well as creating a more open and accepting community. Outside of hockey and school, she enjoys writing, drawing, and listening to music.

George Hervey, Age 14, South Pasadena, CA

Originally from San Jose, California, George now lives in the Los Angeles area. Hockey has been a consistent theme in his life since infancy. Attending his first game before he turned one, George maintains the San Jose Sharks as his all-time favorite NHL team -joining his family for both home and away games each season.

George has a passion for all sports - playing, watching, following, and analyzing. He is an avid soccer player; and when not on the field, he runs with his high school Cross Country team. His goal is to bring the commitment and hard work demonstrated by Joe Pavelski, Alexander Ovechkin, and Sidney Crosby, to every competition, regardless of sport. After school and on weekends, George can be found online playing NHL21, Fortnite, and Madden21 with his friends.

Recently, George started his own small business to help spread cheer in his local neighborhood. Through @share.a.gram, he decorates lawns with custom message signs for special occasions such as birthdays and graduations. While small, it's been a great way to help share the joy of special occasions -particularly during quarantine when people are eager for something fun, celebratory, and safe.

George is excited to join the 2020/21 NHL season as both a fan and a Power Player!

Allison Hill, Age 16, Henderson, NV

Allison is a 16-year-old high school student from Las Vegas, NV. Although she is a newer NHL fan, she has loved the game of hockey since she was little. Her favorite team is the Vegas Golden Knights and her favorite player is Jonathan Marchessault (GoMarchy!!). She loves being a part of the hockey community in Vegas and even runs a Twitter fan account for her cat, Fleury. Outside of hockey, she loves theatre and dance, which she gets to do every day at her performing arts school. She also loves learning about technology and innovation and using it to help her community.

Emma Hughes, Age 15, Morristown, NJ

Emma fell in love with game of hockey at the age of 12 and she currently plays for both her club team and varsity for her high school Morristown Beard. Emma is engaged in spreading support for growth of girls hockey via her petition to Bring Hockey Barbie To The USA and is hard at work on her independent study project examining the implications of the new sulfur emission laws and the impact on the global shipping community.

She is very excited to be joining the NHL PowerPlayers this season to help grow the game.

Ethan Morris, Age 15, Ottawa, ON

Ethan Morris is a 15-year-old living in the Capital of Canada, Ottawa. He is currently in his second year as a Power Player. After an incredible first year with the Power Players, Ethan is thrilled to be back and continue sharing ideas and giving feedback to help grow the sport and introduce fans to the remarkable game of hockey! Of course, he enjoys playing and watching hockey daily and has a strong hockey connection, as he's been skating since the age of 3! Ethan loves hockey for many reasons including the fast pace, incredible plays, heavy hits, and the reliance on teamwork. He has always been a fan of the hometown Ottawa Senators and enjoyed watching Senators players throughout the years such as the legendary Daniel Alfredsson, Erik Karlsson and now the young star Thomas Chabot. Additionally, Ethan loves using his knowledge of hockey, baseball, and other sports to participate (and win) fantasy leagues on an annual basis.

Outside of hockey, in the summer, he enjoys playing baseball and his team came one win away from representing Canada in the little league World Series in 2018. Helping others has always been one of Ethan's top qualities and he enjoys giving back to his community through volunteering with various local sports teams and participating in community cleanups. With climate change being an important world issue, Ethan is passionate about preserving the environment and reducing pollution. He decided to demonstrate that an eco-friendly world is attainable by starting an environmentally friendly landscaping business. From using bikes as transportation to operating battery-powered equipment, he strives to assure that every aspect of the business is environmentally friendly. For 2021, Ethan plans to donate a portion of the annual company profits to an environmental charity committed to the fight against climate change.

Erika Mueller, Age 17, St. Louis, MO

Erika is currently a senior in high school. She has been a hockey fan ever since she can remember, thanks to her mom's huge influence. She had been a passionate St. Louis Blues fan and shared her love for the game with Erika, her brothers, sister, and dad. She is grateful that she was able to go to many Blues games as a kid and even meet some of the players. One of her younger brothers started playing hockey about 8 years ago, so Erika was also able to watch his games and travel to other hockey cities over the years. Over the last couple of years, she had been interested in playing hockey herself, and was lucky enough to start playing over the summer. Erika is currently playing on a women's team and volunteering on the ice with a local girls' hockey club. She has always loved hockey because it was so exciting to watch and brought her closer to her mom and brother. Erika's love for the game has only grown since she started playing, as she has learned how much hard-work, patience, perseverance, and teamwork hockey instills, both on and off the ice. As a second-year Power Player, Erika is excited to share her thoughts and ideas about growing hockey, especially to women and minority populations, with the NHL and local organizations. Besides her passion for hockey, she is often spending time with family and friends, watching various shows and movies, playing guitar, listening to music, dancing, ice skating, and working at a local ice rink.

Nathan Murdock, Age 17, Dallas, TX

Hockey fans may recognize Nathan from his Youtube channel Graviteh, where he has posted over 1500 videos about the greatest sport in the world. Nathan Murdock is a Texas-born hockey fan, cheering on the Stars through the highs and the lows. He is a senior in high school and looks to pursue a broadcasting career in sports (specifically hockey, where his passion is easily the strongest). This is Nathan's second season working with the NHL Power Players, and he is thankful for the opportunity to represent the NHL and influence the game of hockey in a great and positive way.

Reid Murray, Age 16, Nashville, TN

Reid is a lifelong sports fan with an interest in journalism and graphic design. As a fan of hockey, football, and soccer, Reid writes for his high school's newspaper, announces games for his school's Broadcasting Club, and has his own podcasts, calledthe First and 1G, and the RJM Podcast. Reid became a hockey fan because of the Predators' presence in Nashville and started playing hockey at the age of eight. Reid currently plays for his high school varsity hockey team, as well as the Nashville Flyers travel team. One day, Reid hopes to be a sports analyst for a major outlet or design sports uniforms.

Juanjose Pazmino, Age 13, Pembroke Pines, FL

Juanjose is a big NHL fan (he loves looking and analyzing statistics) and is a huge fan of the Florida Panthers.

He plays soccer, plays guitar, loves to read, and loves to play video games, especially NHL 21, FIFA 21 & Rocket League.

Juanjose is a Straight A student, and a Math Competition winner (Broward County 2019). He absolutely loves watching Florida Panthers games at the BB&T Center (got a stick from Noel Acciari in March), and on TV too. He never misses a game and sets aside everything to watch them.

Rylan Sachs, Age 16, Baltimore, MD

Rylan is a passionate Washington Capitals fan. She fell in love with hockey in 3rd grade and has been playing ever since for the Harford North Stars; she is also a certified level 2 coach.

Rylan is a junior at Notre Dame Preparatory School. As Vice President of the Student Council and Chair of the Student Faculty Board, she is working to get a "Red Day" in honor of the Capitals. She is also captain of the It's Academic Team and a member of the Mock Trialand Speech and Debate teams. She plays lacrosse for her school's varsity team and the club Skywalkers. This fall she achieved her goal of scoring a perfect 1600 on her SAT.

Rylan lives and breathes hockey; her favorite movie is Miracle, and Herb Brooks as one of her role models. One of her dreams was to visit Lake Placid, a dream that was fulfilled just days before the pandemic. She'll never forget her 8th grade graduation as that was the day that the Capitals won their first Stanley Cup. Hockey has taught Rylan valuable life lessons about hard work, determination, teamwork, and leadership through playing, coaching, and watching the sport. Rylan wants to spread her love of hockey so that others can have similar experiences.

Keyahn Sethi, Age 14, Binghamton, NY

Keyahn Sethi is a passionate hockey player and supports his local AHL team in Binghamton, NY where he resides with his family. He's played hockey for almost a decade, including AA/A hockey for the Binghamton Junior Devils. When not in the rink, Keyahn can be found playing travel soccer, lacrosse, or checking sports statistics. Keyahn not only loves to travel and visit family in Toronto, but also writes articles as a Sports Illustrated Kids Kid Reporter.

Sabrina Solomon, Age 15, New York, NY

Sabrina loves watching her favorite team, the New York Rangers, play at Madison Square Garden. She loves the NHL's rich history and seeing cities rally around their NHL teams during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Aside from hockey, her interests include basketball, reading, and traveling. Sabrina hopes to be able to watch all NHL teams play and is thrilled and honored to be a member of the NHL Power Players!

Aliyah Steinberg, Age 15, Huntington, NY

Aliyah Steinberg is a sophomore and currently attends Harborfields High School. She is a 3rd generation Islanders fan with an intense passion for hockey. This past summer, she was a participant of the New York Islanders' mentoring program where she learned the ins and outs of a hockey organization. Aliyah is an avid sports fan, and will watch just about any game. She admires Shannon Hogan, sportscaster for the New York Islanders, and AJ Mleczko, 2 time Olympian and current sports reporter for NBC and MSG. One day, Aliyah hopes to inspire young girls the same way these women have. She is thankful for her supportive family and friends, for without their encouragement she would not be able to achieve her goals. Aliyah is honored to be a part of the NHL power players and is eager to contribute her ideas and knowledge to the program.

Lindsay Steinberg, Age 17, Phoenix, AZ

Lindsay quickly became a hockey fan and fell in love with her hometown team, the Arizona Coyotes, after growing up around some of her family members who were involved with the sport. It only took one game and since then, she's been hooked. The love for the sport quickly developed into a dream career in sports journalism hopefully covering the Coyotes. This lead to Lindsay now being the sports editor for her school's newspaper and running her own blog, The Coyote Study, where she covers the Coyotes in her spare time. Outside of hockey, Lindsay also has a love for music only fueling her passion for journalism even more knowing it can be such an open-ended field.

Matthew Tran, Age 17, Surrey, BC

Matthew grew up as an avid Canucks fan and witnessed their fantastic Stanley Cup Run back in 2011 and is excited to support the next generation of Canucks. His favorite player is Bo Horvat because of his cohesive leadership style and commitment to community outreach. Matthew is currently in Grade 12 and plans to pursue marketing in post-secondary. He is involved in his high school's Leadership, Music, Volleyball and French Immersion program. You can find Matthew working with like-minded leaders at different youth-led nonprofits, being a Big Brother mentor, or listening to country music. He is thrilled to be part of the youth advisory board, and ready to share marketing ideas that focus on diversity, inclusion, reaching out to new fans and growing the game.

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