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"Reverend" Lovejoy

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks

When the Ducks traded a fifth-round pick for former Pittsburgh defenseman Ben Lovejoy on Wednesday night, they not only got a solid defenseman, but a guy with a likeable personality to go with his colorful name.

And since there's obviously no better way to gauge someone's character than by scanning their Twitter feed, I did that with Lovejoy's and asked him a few questions about it.

The first thing you see is that his Twitter account name is @RevLovejoy6, a nod to the character "Reverend Lovejoy" on the Simpsons that is the genesis of Ben's nickname, "Rev." He even has a picture of the reverend as his profile photo. The rest of the account name is the number Lovejoy wore in Pittsburgh, which he has secured with Anaheim. Here are some of the sample tweets I asked him to explain:

"My mom went into the UMass Athletic Hall of Fame last month. She was a two-time All-American and still holds all sorts of schools records and NCAA records for scoring. I played at Dartmouth, but unfortunately, while I got some of her athletic skills, I did not get her goal-scoring touch."

[Laughs.] "Sidney Crosby has a box at Consol (Energy Center) for every event. He gives all the hockey games away to charity. He’s very generous to the guys on the team if we want to go to concerts. During the lockout, there were 10 or 12 of us skating in Pittsburgh to stay in shape. We all, with our significant others, went to the Justin Bieber concert. It’s something I’m glad I went to, but I will not be a regular or go to too many more Justin Bieber concerts. It was a cool experience, and I don’t usually tweet like that. It was just kind of spur of the moment. While I was there, I figured I’d throw out something funny like that. People appreciated it.

"It was crazy. We were up in the balcony in the box, and the floor was shaking. We’ve played some big hockey in that place, but from 4-year-old girls to 80-year-old women were absolutely screaming for Justin Bieber. It was a show. He’s obviously a talented entertainer and it was cool to see."

"I’m the oldest of three boys. I have a hockey-playing brother who is a junior at Dartmouth and I have a lacrosse-playing brother who just graduated from the University of Virginia and was a rookie this year in Major League Lacrosse. He had a great year. He’s a very good lacrosse player."

"I thought the first two seasons were very slow, but I did stick it out and, like everyone else, I’m very into it."

"My wife Avery and I started dating at Dartmouth, and I was in a fraternity. There are no bars or clubs in Hanover, New Hampshire. The main social scene is fraternity house basements. I was joking with her that that’s where she fell in love with me."

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