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Q&A: Andrew Cogliano

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks

By Kyle Shohara

Through hard work, tenacity, toughness and leadership, Ducks forward Andrew Cogliano has cultivated a loyal fanbase since he arrived in Anaheim in 2011 after being acquired in a trade with Edmonton. He’s never missed a game in his NHL career – a feat that seems unheard of in professional hockey. But the quiet and humble 28-year-old rarely ever speaks of his Ironman streak, partly because of his personality and also out of superstition.

Though fans know his style on the ice, very few know him away from it. After a recent practice, caught up with Cogliano to talk shop about music, holiday traditions and more.

"I live in Newport Beach and I have a dog, Charlie, who I enjoy going to the beach with."
What do you enjoy doing in the little downtime you have?
I try to relax as much as I can. I don’t do too much. My girlfriend is down here. With the travel schedule being so tough, you have to have some down time. I live in Newport Beach and I have a dog, Charlie, who I enjoy going to the beach with. We have a few paddle boards at home that we’re able to use on a regular basis. Other than that, I just try to lay low. Things can get hectic, so you just try to enjoy yourself when you’re away from the rink.

You’ve involved yourself in the community with your charity, Cogs for Dogs, which raises awareness and funds for animal adoption and rescue. How’s that been?
It’s been good. It’s still early, still getting off the ground. There hasn’t been too much stuff as of late, but it’s been simple. I didn’t want it to be too big or too hectic during the year. It’s just something that’s behind the scenes. It’s a good thing for OC Animal Care. Hopefully it raises awareness. I try to make it low-key and have it for raising money.

Let’s talk food. You’re known for your healthy diet and strict fitness regimen. But if there is a cheat meal out there, what is it?
I like pizza.

Do you do a lot of home cooking?

As much as possible. We have a nice meat house by our place that’s good for steaks and various meats. We’ll grab some of those and grill them up. I try to eat at home as much as I can.

Is it a challenge eating healthy when you’re on the road as much as you are?
A little bit. For dinners, we usually end up at good restaurants, and for pregame meals we usually have a good amount of vegetables. It’s a little different, though, because you’re not on the same schedule as you are when you’re home. You’re not able to go to the grocery store to pick out what you want. You tend to eat a lot of pasta and heavy foods during the year because you’re always at steakhouses and always on the road. I try to keep myself on a schedule and to make sure I’m eating healthy and getting greens and good things.

Can you walk us through a typical game day when the team is at home?
I wake up around 7:45, head to the rink, and get there around 8:30. I do my routine at the rink and then have my pregame skate. Afterward, four or five of us go out to eat for our pregame meal, and then I head home for a nap. Lately, after waking up from my nap, I’ve done a little bit of bike riding on the boardwalk just to freshen up. I usually get to the rink around three hours before the game, which usually means 4:00. My preparation for the game begins from there.

What is one thing on the road you can’t live without?

Headphones. I listen to music on the plane and on our bus rides.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I like Vance Joy, Hosier, The Lumineers, and a Canadian band called Arkells. I listen to country here and there, and I’ve been to a few shows as the years have gone on.

"I’m not a huge dancer, to be honest, but when I’m out, I like Drake. I think he has the best tunes when you’re at a bar."
With Christmas right around the corner, what’s your favorite Christmas movie and/or song?
I watched Elf recently, so I have to go with that one. As for my favorite Christmas song, I have to go with that Mariah Carey song [All I Want For Christmas Is You].

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
My family is Italian, so we usually eat fish every Christmas Eve. I haven’t been able to get home, but that’s been the tradition.

What song can you not help but dance to? You have to answer this one because it’s from a fan.
I’m not a huge dancer, to be honest, but when I’m out, I like Drake. I think he has the best tunes when you’re at a bar.

If you could play golf with any athlete, who would it be?
I’d golf with Tiger Woods. That’s self-explanatory.

What’s your second-best sport?

I was good at soccer when I was younger. I played soccer until I was 15 or 16 years old, and at a pretty high level.

Who are you closest with on the team?

I have a lot of good friends. I’ve known Horc [Shawn Horcoff] for awhile. He’s been a good friend throughout my career, so it’s good to have him here [they played together in Edmonton for several years]. I’ve gotten close to Freddie [Andersen]. He’s always over at my house mooching off me for food. I have Josh Manson living with me right now, so I’ve been able to take care of him for a little bit. I’d like to think I’m friends with everyone.

Who on the team can beat you in a 100-yard dash?
I’d probably go with Hags [Carl Hagelin].

Who would you beat in a 100-yard dash?
Corey Perry, for sure.

Do you ever miss cold weather?
Every once and awhile. I miss it now, around Christmas time, but not too often.

What’s your favorite food to eat during the holidays?
I like pumpkin pie, so I’m hoping to get one of those. Turkey is pretty good, and, like I said earlier, fish has usually been the go-to with our family.

Do you have a sweet tooth?
A little bit. Chocolate has grown on me.

Why do you tape your stick the way you do? You use hardly any tape on the knob and blade.
That’s a good question. I should probably use a little more, but it’s what I’m used to. If you like it or you don’t like it, or if you do something else, it feels different. It works pretty good for [Dallas Stars captain] Jamie Benn, but not as well for me. Hopefully it’ll be better soon.

Do you read, and if so, what?

I’ve been reading more lately. Right now I’m reading Bringing Down the House.

What was your first car, and what do you drive now?

My first car was a Chevy Avalanche. Now I drive a Cadillac Escalade.

How many suits do you have?
Six or so. I like to stick with the regulars for games. I’m a simple man.
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