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On the Way to Winnipeg, Ducks Comment on the State of the Series

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
The Ducks held an optional skate at Honda Center this morning before getting on a plane and heading to Winnipeg for Games 3 and 4 of their First Round series with the Jets. Prior to heading out, several Ducks spoke about last night's thrilling Game 2 win and the atmosphere they can expect in Winnipeg.

Bruce Boudreau

On his team’s comeback ability,
It’s been there all year, and I think it was there all last year. We’ve came from behind a lot and I think that belief carried over into this year.

On how loud the building in Winnipeg will be,
We’ll talk about it a little bit, but it’s not like we don’t know what’s coming. I don’t think we’ll ever underestimate how loud it’s going to be, and how the city of Winnipeg itself it gonna be. Most of our players are Canadian, and they’ve been in cities where this is going on. It’ll be pretty wild. It’s a great time to be a hockey player. Going to Winnipeg, and it’s the first time in awhile they’ve hosted a playoff game. They’ll be into it, and hopefully that makes our players into it even more.

On Patrick Maroon,
Confidence is a big thing with young NHL players. This is his second full year, and he’s feeling good about himself. He’s not getting frustrated. So every chance he can get the odd point here and there to go along with his physical play, I’m sure it will give him a lot of confidence. To his credit, he stays the course and does what he’s supposed to do, and if points come, points come.

On Jakob Silfverberg,
He’s a scoring in spurts type of guy. I know he got frustrated during the course of the season when he’d go lengths of time without scoring. But whether he scores or not, he gives you the complete game. That’s why he’s not higher up as far as being on a scoring line. We can put him on the third line, and something good is going to happen. You feel confident when he’s out there that he’s defending well. If that gives him a little more confidence in shooting a little more, then great, but I don’t think it will change his game.

Cam Fowler

On the improved power play,
Towards the end of the season, we weren’t playing a whole lot of games, but it gave us an opportunity to work on things we needed to improve on, and special teams was a part of that. The power play is something we’ve worked very hard at, and it’s nice to see us get some results in these first couple games. We’ve been able to score big goals at critical points in the game, and hopefully we can continue to do that.

On the team’s comeback ability,
I think a lot of it is mental, the belief in the locker room that we have the ability to do that. Throughout the course of the season, you have to prove it to yourself that you can do that, and that’s certainly something we’ve been able to do. For whatever reason, we’ve found ourselves in a lot of one-goal games, whether it’s protecting a one-goal lead or trying to erase that deficit. We’ve been able to manage it both ways, so when you do that and you’re comfortable in those positions, it goes a long way come playoff time. There is no panic in our group, no matter what point of the game we’re at. That’s huge. To have that belief that you’re still in the game no matter how many goals you’re down is a pretty powerful thing.

On the emotion of the team going into the third,
We were pretty calm, to be honest. You have to understand in the playoffs you’re getting scored on, and there are going to be points throughout the playoffs where you’re down a goal, and you have to have the ability to settle yourself down as a group. We felt like we were doing a lot of good things. Sure we hadn’t score a goal yet, but we felt like if we continued to stay with it and stay disciplined in our game plan that things we’re going to turn for us. And that’s exactly what happened. With this group, when we see one goal scored, it seems to really spark us. More times than not, we’ve been able to put a second goal on the board and get it fairly soon.

On the Jets,
We had to scratch and claw our way both games. They play a very structured game, and they make you earn everything. So, it’s been tough, and we still know we need to improve to get a win or two heading into Winnipeg. It’s going to be a difficult challenge for us.

On the tying goal,
There was a lot of traffic in front when I shot it, and I was just happy to see it go in the net no matter who it went off of. It was a big goal for us. I haven’t seen the replay, but the Big Dog was standing in front, and apparently it hit him in the pants. So that’s a hard-working goal. You have to get to the dirty areas to score goals like that. It probably doesn’t go in if Patty’s not standing in front of the goalie and doing a great job. No matter whose goal it was, it was a big one for our team and helped us get our momentum going.

On Clayton Stoner’s defensive play to save a goal early in the third,
That was something that might not get talked about as much as it should, but you look at that play as a game-saving play. If that goes in, you’re looking at 2-0 and that’s a pretty steep climb. That’s the type of thing “Stones” does. He’s great on the back end, and he makes the other team really work. That’s just a great instinct play to get his stick in there. That’s something that didn’t go unrecognized by our bench. As soon as he came back to the bench, you have a lot of guys patting him on the back because that was a huge play for us and helped us stay in the game.

On the loudest building he’s play in,
I’d say regular season in Winnipeg will have to be up there. Nashville in the playoffs my first year, that building gets going pretty good. Really, any building in the playoffs. You look at our building, and these fans have been unbelievable these past two games. We certainly understand the type of energy we’re heading into in Winnipeg. For me personally and as a team, that’s an opportunity you have to grasp and you have a great opportunity to do something fun heading in there and hopefully get a couple wins. Just feed off the energy of the crowd, because it’s going to be a heck of an environment.

Jakob Silfverberg
On his game-winning goal,
Obviously it’s a great feeling, getting a game-winner so late in the game. Kes got it pretty high and recycled the puck. I managed to get to the puck first and kind of spun off Little and tried to take it to the net as quick as possible. I just kind of fired it and it went in short side. I kind of knew where I wanted to shoot it, and it went in.

On what a goal like that does for his confidence,
Obviously it does a lot for me and the team as well. It was a tight game, we were down into the third and we came back, as we’ve been able to do for most of the year. For me, obviously getting the goal helps with my confidence, and I’m going try and shoot the puck even more than I’ve been doing.

On the loudest building he’s played in,
I played a season opener in Winnipeg with Ottawa once, and that was pretty loud. I imagine it’s going to be similar to that, or even louder. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m just going to try and enjoy it and not get focused too much on the crowd. Hopefully we can take the crowd out of the game by scoring a couple early. It’s a great experience and I think the guys will enjoy going to Winnipeg because it’s going to be an amazing atmosphere.
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