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My Hometown: Matt Beleskey

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks

Matt BeleskeyMy Hometown is a new running series in Ducks Off the Ice, in which players take some time to talk about where they grew up.

Our first subject is Matt Beleskey:

Midhurst in Central Ontario, Canada

Location: Southeast Canada, approximately 70 miles north of Toronto

3,000 (approximately)

Founded: early 1800s

Current weather: 23° F with snow showers

How it’s described: Midhurst is a small community located just north of Barrie amongst an area of 70-year-old pines. It is a 5-minute drive to the Bayfield Street shopping strip (the golden mile), 5-10 minutes to alpine and cross country skiing and 15-20 minutes from Wasaga Beach (largest fresh water beach in the world). Springwater Provincial Park is nearby where deer, bear, wolves and other animals can be viewed. There are also picnic areas and recreation areas where families and other groups can enjoy a day of fun and relaxation in the outdoors.

Beleskey on his hometown: "I was born in Windsor (Ontario) and moved to Midhurst when I was 3. My parents still live there now. It’s just a small village outside Barrie. It’s a pretty small, quiet town, or really a suburb outside of town. It was kind of the countryside, but not quite.”

On playing outdoor hockey: "I played quite a bit growing up. We had an outdoor rink in a park right by my house. I just had to hop the back fence and I was right there. I’d be there every day after school, or I’d go find a better one that had some boards or something. There were a lot of them to choose from back home, so I have my fair share of outdoor experience."

On the weather: "They just recently went through a week of -20 Celsius (-4° F). That was pretty cold, but I hear they got into the pluses the last day or two. They get two or three feet of snow in the backyard, and it’s pretty cold."

On getting back there: "I have a house out in Minesing, which is about 10 minutes from the house where I grew up, so I hang out there a lot during the summer. It’s got lots of mountain bike trails, and it’s right on a ski mountain, so you can bike around there. It’s quiet, kind of remote, but it’s great."

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