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Boudreau Quotes: Jan. 24 at Dodger Stadium

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
A transcript of Bruce Boudreau's post-practice media session at Dodger Stadium on Jan. 24, 2014.

On how practice went
"Yeah, I think we accomplished what we wanted to accomplish, and just to see what it would be like to skate hard in an environment with a lot of humidity. And so we realized that we sweat more, and it drains your energy a little quicker than being indoors. But other than that, I thought everything was fine. I thought the ice was actually pretty good for the fact that a team had already skated on it for two hours. So it was surprisingly good."

On hydration
"I think that's something important. I mean, they usually drink a lot. But I think we'll have more on hand. And so they'll be able to rehydrate a little bit quicker."

On getting the 'awe' factor out of the way now
"I totally think that. I mean, it's something human nature. If this was the first time tomorrow we'd be staring at the stadium and the ice and asking questions and wondering where's our family, is everybody okay, and I think they got that out of the way today. And I think tomorrow we can focus on the game at hand."

On the excitement level of the players
"They're pretty reserved. But at the same time I think they're pretty pumped up. I mean, I think they're a little nervous being on a national stage and they want to do well. But I think that comes with the territory."

On the status of defenseman Bryan Allen
"Bryan Allen's good. No injuries. 23 players to choose from tomorrow to play the game. Unfortunately, you can't play 23; you can only play 20. So in a situation like this, you sure would like to get everybody in. But unless they change the rules tonight, we're only dressing 20."

On his lineup for the game
"Probably the tendency would be to keep the same lineup. I don't know that I really go with the norm sometimes, though. So we've moved our guys around a lot this year. And I think tomorrow will probably be a little bit of the same."

On the ice conditions
"It's been a while since I've been in a humid building. Especially in California, you have to they're ultra cold or the ice won't keep. So I haven't seen that situation in a while."

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