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Another Edition of Thank You Notes

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
Loyal readers of this space, and the old Ducks Blog, will recall that I occasionally visit schools to speak to students about what it’s like to work for the Ducks. And one of my favorite parts of those visits is receiving thank-you cards a few days later from the kids (and posting my favorites).

Earlier this month I made my annual visit to Oak Grove Elementary School, whose principal Jill O’Connell-Bogle is a longtime family friend. There I spoke in front of approximately 275 fourth- and fifth-graders about what I do for the Ducks, and I spent most of the time answering questions from the kids. The questions ranged from the simple (like asking me who my favorite Duck is) to the more insightful (like the boy who asked me afterward what I thought about hybrid icing).

The Oak Grove visit is always made even more fun by the fact that one of the teachers, Mr. Elliott, is a huge Kings fan who encourages his students to pass on that passion. This year that was combated by Mr. Short’s class, who were strategically placed in the front row and coached to ask me questions like, “Why are the Ducks so much better than the Kings?”   

I had a great time once again, and the thank-you notes arrived in a large envelope yesterday. I read every one.

As usual, there included a number of entertaining ones, from the Ducks drawings the kids decorated them with to the messages inside. Some were scribbled on notebook paper, on sheets with a photo of Wild Wing at the top, on orange paper and – of course from Mr. Elliott’s class – on grey paper adorned with Kings logos and other drawings.

Here are some of my favorites, complete with my comments:

You might be the only one.

P.S. How dare you.

Something tells me this kid is going to become an investment banker.

My head is spinning.

My work is done here.

I feel like I'm on the campaign trail.

No, but wouldn't that be cool?

Not sure how to respond to this one.

Wait, what???

And then there were the cards from Kings fan Mr. Elliott's class...

I highly doubt it.

Talk about a backhanded compliment.


Okay, this is getting out of hand.

This is actually pretty impressive.

I certainly do.

Pretty darn awesome.

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